Unconscious Thralls disappearing

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [EU]

It’s probably the third time I lost a T4 thrall while dragging them. They disappear in rocks, in water, anywhere really. This time I went all the way to Sepermeru, and I’d really say you owe me in damages for going so far for nothing due to bugs. Stop releasing paid DLC and maybe fix the game first, please?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Knock someone unconscious
  2. Drag them around on anything else but flat ground
  3. Wait

Are you playing on a modded server? Because if so that is likely the source of the issue.

No, it’s an official server. EU PVE-C 1213

Clarification: I don’t know why did the one in shallow water disappear, but a lot of the time the thralls seem to get stuck inside the ground, in cliffs or so. It’s extremely frustrating to drag a thrall 90% of the way only to have them bug out and disappear. To be fair, I think all the disappearances were caused by dropping the bindings, either due to swimming or grabbing a wall while falling.


Hi, I can confirm that this is a bug that has been around for a long time on official servers. When the rope breaks or you release it by any action the thrall often disappears. There are 2 workarounds, one is to use a chain that has very high durability to avoid breaking, the other is when it happens to leave the area and return, this works in 95% of the case just like when you die and cannot see your body.


The mods always get the blame first. A useful stick to use to beat down the responsibility of the real cause of the problems.

I’m not hitting on you Omerose, I just find it funny how anyone who submits an issue in the game who has a mod running, the mod is always pointed at first and foremost.

If I ever modded my server, I wouldn’t even bother reporting any issues as I know what the response would be every time.

This bug has been around for a very long time, I believe more so since the switch from 1st person to 3rd person view.


Large mods are a problem because they introduce a lag spike for the whole server whenever someone logs on. During that lag spike you almost always lose a thrall if you are towing it and sprinting. You will know it is going to happen because your stamina quits depleting. It doesn’t seem to drop the thralls as often if you do not sprint when this happens. I was just trying to help the guy out not give Funcom a free pass.

Addendum: A thrall just disappeared when I tried to bind them. Straight up just disappeared

Did you try the leaving the area and returning?

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First off, there are two states of unconscious thrall. Fresh and stale. If he’s fresh, he’s pliable and loose. If he’s stale, he’s flat out, hand across abdomen, and sliding across the ground. This stale state occurs after you leave the area, say, to drop someone off in a wheel. If you go up an elevator and pull a thrall across a tile in this state, he will unbind and fall to his death. If you lose bindings on a thrall in this state, he is gone forever. If you try to lash onto a thrall that is past his unconscious timer, yet he remains unconscious in this state, he may disappear, or fly off into the cosmos as if flipped by a whip.

To pause while dealing with any state of thrall, stop, face him and press e to unbind. Then switch bindings, repair, or consult your map. Most importantly: through gulleys (even if it’s less direct) and over level earth with very few drops is often the best terrain to plan your retrieval route.

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Ty Barnes, that explains the 5% where the leaving area and returning did not work :slight_smile:

It now makes me wonder how many thralls i have launched up into the cosmos.

Thanks Barnes for your observations.

I did loose some thralls as well, not very often.
Last time was in Sepermaru as I went to knock out some NPC’s close to Razma’s house.
As I came back to take the second one, wheel was placed close to the Set Altar in the city, I stopped on the wooden bridge, the one after the tunnel, to check the NPC’s on the side.

As I came back to were I unbound the thrall he was no longer there, probably because he was stale as you decribe it :slight_smile:

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