Losing Unconsious Enemies on rope Still after 1 year? Devs Be truthful and answer

After a few month after first release of the game since day 1,
I quit the game, because of loosing your unconsious people in the ground.
You are running with them to your base to put them into the wheel of pain…
When suddenly they just dissapear.
This is a bug that was soo annoying, and 3 days ago i started playing again, Today it happened,
My friend lost 3 unconcious people when dragging with full health ropes tier 2
I lost 2 today. I see that you have DLC for the game of conan.
You guys release a DLC without fixing the Most Important bugs.
I just even had a spear enemy be Invonerable against my punches and two handed sword and arrows. And just kills me, it did not matter if i had auto track on him or not.
Please someone, explain me why These 2 bugs are still in the game.
And don’t come with “it’s still early access dude”
These are bugs are Nr. 1 Priority, and should of been fixed within 2 month when the game released.
Please someone explain what is going on.
The very reason i stopped few years back, was because of this same issue.
I’m thinking of quitting the game again, but i like it very much, but these bugs… i don’t know anymore
And yes i am writing out of ragequit.
Update: 12 may 2018 2 dissapeared in the ground after 2 min, just dissapeared.
Update: 13th may 2018 1 Dissapeared again after almost dying and running to base, not even that far… aanndd Disappears again into the ground, Getting pissed allready, still no answer from devs

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When this was happening in the Testlive, the solution was to stay in the general area where the thrall disappears, log off and back on and it would be right where it came off. It is worth a try.

…and fwiw… I have had no thralls disconnect in the full release. Are you dragging through water? over rough terrain? If you climb, using both hands results in dropping the rope… ??

On flat land. No water no both hands. Are you a developer? The point you are missing is that, we do not need “to stay” in the “general area”, you are missing the whole point here

no… not a dev… and I do get it… it was just a suggestion to try and solve your issue… no need to get angry at me… I understand the issue. Have you gone to the proper Report channel and followed the Bug report process?

They are having issues… but I will state again that no one on our provate server has had an issue with Thralls disappearing… that doesn’t mean you aren’t having an issue… there also have been known areas in the map that result in various glitches… telling the devs where you isse is could help them.

I can confirm after 30h on release, and more than 20 thralls tamed, they do still disappear, and dont appear even if relogging.

dont even ask me if I climbed, rope broke or if I swimmed, its the bug many of us know and have suffered before.

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@megamadmax84 understands the issue, I am sure many more are having this issue, SInce alpha, and it’s annoying, they should have fixed this even before the game came out
Who else has encountered this? I think A LOOOT of Gamers

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I second this, I knocked out one of the lowbie Exiles near the river and her body went right into the ground, couldn’t find her, so I went back to my house and started working on other stuff. Came back to the spot ten minutes later and she was right where I knocked her out, sitting on the ground.

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Look, i’m getting really pissed, it happened yesterday and and today Twice again, even very close to base…

well logging off and back on isn’t going to help too much right now, you might be waiting hours to log back on.

Yeah this happened to me earlier had a named thrall I was dragging it it came off rope I tried to grab again it disappears. While I’m trying to find it some A hole comes running up and chops it with a yog cleaver.

I would have rather him killed me and took the thrall than to waist the effort put into getting it

I would consider you pretty lucky, then. Before launch, I was pretty much a slaver on my server. I farmed enough thralls that I had T4’s to give away if people needed them. What I’m saying is that I farmed a lot of thralls. The only issues I ever had were when they would fall through the earth when you knocked them out. A quick short distance run and return usually fixed that.

Once the game went live, though, I’ve actually had thralls just disappear on me. Not the same as falling through the earth, either. They somehow just disappear from your rope. Thankfully the ones I lost this way weren’t really that great, but it’s still annoying to run almost the entire way to your wheel only to have them vanish right before it.

Confirmed that I have lost 2 thralls while dragging them back to my base where the rope break. repair my rope and when trying to get them back on the rope, they disappeared. This is on pve official.

This happened to me once.

If I manually release the thrall before the rope breaks, I can safely repair it and pick the thrall back up every time. Problem avoided by not letting the rope break.

I use a chain rope, and every time it happened to me I had easily over 60% durability.

That’s terrible. Hopefully the myriad thrall issues get resolved before too long.

Lol I had a named thrall on the line I started rubber banding he come off I tried to get him back and he disappeared. While I was trying to find him some A hole came running up took a yog cleaver to him and ran off. Lol I was standing there like wtf.

I’ve never experienced this bug. I had the bug where they fell through the ground and they fixed that. They were active in figuring it out.

But with multiple posts in here I don’t know what the issue is for certain. If I don’t then I can for sure tell you the Dev’s will be confused.

So What is happening.

  1. Are the Thralls disappearing while being dragged?

  2. Are the Disappearing When being placed into a Thrall wheel?

  3. Are they Disappearing while in the thrall wheel?

  4. Are the disappearing when you club them causing them to fall through the ground once they fall unconscious

if 1) where is it happening? It is in particular parts of the map? Is it happening in a repeatable way that can be tested?

if 2) is it a particular type of the Thrall? is it a Thrall in a particular area?

If 3) does this happen while they are close to finishing? are Finished? is there food in the wheel? Does it happen with or without a taskmaster or only with or without? Does it happen randomly? Is it is a particular type of thrall?

If 4) Is it happening in a particular area? where has this happened for you? Do they not return when you run out of the area and/or log off

Are you playing on a Server or Single player? Are you on a Private Server? If Single Player or Private Server did this occur before the last patches or after? Did you use the Testlive version a week or so before launch? Have the server or single player game been wiped since the game went live?

Are their any mods installed?

Is the server heavily populated? Is it heavily build on?

If you want them to fix and issue lets give them data?

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Have not had issues with wheels since I put them on foundations. So far it’s been any area I have gone to. Once thrall is on rope if it comes off for any reason other than you doing it on your own they tend to go invisible to me.

Like grabbing a wall on a fall or having to defend against a thief or creature. Thrall goes invisible and can’t reconnect it unless I reload.

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