My Thralls are dying

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My Thralls keep randomly dying with no cause of death. So far its been 5 dead thralls in about 6 weeks. i play pve solo on official servers. They were all on guard at time of death. i don’t know if i was online or offline when this happens. the fighters are grouped together level 20 900+ armor. the archers that die are on a balcony that has no stairs or doorways to get to it but i have noticed they seem to teleport to the ground to engage nearby rhinos… so maybe a rhino gets the archers but no way a rhino is killing my fighters that can 2 shot them. im losing expensive armor each time a fighter dies.My strongest thrall died. Others had some sentimental value as well as some of my other living thralls which i have renamed. 1600 hours over 3 years because i love this game and keep coming back to it… but if im going to lose my stuff for no reason like this… if im going to be upset by what i find in my event logs when thralls disappear… i won’t come back next time… the only other thing i can add is there was a time i couldn’t find a thrall which appeared on my map. it should have been right in front of me but it wasn’t there. i tore up the foundations of that section of my base trying to find this thrall but it seemed to be invisible or under the map. i rescued it in followers tab losing its armor but saving the thrall.

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  1. Step 1
    Place followers on guard
  2. Step 2
    Wait for thralls to go missing then check event logs

Hello mrRussellx,

As a player who likes to collect and train thralls myself I feel for your loss.
I think it would help if you provided a screenshot of the event log or tell what it indicated when a thrall died.

You can stop archers in thrall menu/tactic choose option stand and defend.So in combat they just locked in place

An archer set to stand/defend may in some cases still fall to the ground. I have tested it on my base on an Official Server. For whatever reason, depending on wep an archer will take out his sword, do a heavy strike and then fall off the platform.

To test, kite (lure over) an NPC into the area and see how the archers respond. Test frequently.

The following may seem counter-intuitive. Set your archers to attack all, prioritize archery and attack distance 50 meters. This has fixed every single one of my archers, while still allowing them melee defense on their perch or porch.

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I tend to do something similar - setting their attack range to high, but their chase range to the minimum - I’m not certain it makes a difference, but it seems to. That said - I think, from the way the OP describes some of these incidents, it may be a different issue. Several of us have experienced followers ‘wandering’ of their own accord (the bug report I posted on it has a particularly clear example that just happened to be caught on video) - but a lot of the discussion has taken place in a playstation thread, because people initially thought it was only happening there.

A possibly related issue that has come up since 2.5 (or possibly 2.4, I forget) is followers left on guard now sometimes falling through the mesh - you can often still ‘track’ them on the follower tab, but there is no sign of them - in admin ghost mode, I’ve been able to go and look for them, and sometimes found them standing on a bit of land beneath the land (not sure why it’s there, presumably a left over) - others have reported being able to find some by flying far further down into the void. But they can also fall ‘all the way’ and die from it. These two situations sound a lot like some of what the OP describes. Nearest thing I’ve found to a ‘solution’ is to try to only place them on guard on a player-built structure - it seems to help (though doesn’t stop the ‘wandering’). So far on testlive I’ve had no incidents, but I have very few followers (I think my horse turned himself around the other day, so the wandering may still be there) - I suspect that it is more likely to happen with larger numbers of followers and particularly if they are in relatively close proximity to each other. (Larger numbers is just logical - larger sample size = better data - whereas the proximity possibility is based on anecdotal observation - I had more incidents when they were left close together and fewer when they were more spread out.)


If you place archer on walls-just remove melee weapon.Set priority to ranged not works properly

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