Thralls Die Mysteriously When Offline

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE-Conflict
Region: USA Server 1818
Mods? : No

## Bug Description:

Three high level thralls (lvl12-18) have died mysteriously. Standing on a platform in my build. Died while all clan members offline. Other thralls in area did not die. All T4 thralls, Cimmerian Berserkers or Dalisinas. High level gear. Died in the south desert region, nowhere near powerful mobs. Died at exactly the same time. To the second.

They have been placed there for many months, and no issues.

Our clan is well below the max thralls allowed.

Fell through the world? Other glitch?

I would like them replaced if possible, they represent many hours of gameplay.

I’m Cmdr.Chucky#73664

## Installed Mods:


## Steps to Reproduce:

Can’t reproduce. I have no idea how it could happen.


That’s weird.

It’s like they died of old age or something…

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They committed ritual, old-age, love-triangle, suicide. Ya, that’s it. For sure.

These log entries with the number 2 at the end were typical of the old bug, when thralls fell through and died when they reached the very bottom. I don’t know how it is now with this bug, but I had a lot of thralls and pets die in a single in the second half of last year.


I think we (our clan) lost other thralls this way, too, but we didn’t follow up on it. I just assumed that they died with other clan-mates, and I didn’t give it any further thought. Checking the event log just wasn’t on my daily task list… lol.

I really only noticed this time because three high-end thralls all disappeared at the same time.

It still really amazes me how buggy this game is after all these years. Sigh.

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I have experienced the same on official servers. Guard thralls in a completely safe location, no spawns near at all, dying. And while that is annoying enough, it has also happened to thralls I was actively leveling, meaning high end gear and weapons poofed as well.

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Ya, it’s a bit infuriating. These T4 thralls were high level, and had high end gear. I hope the admins can do something.

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Hello there, thank you for the report. We’ve registered your issue and sent the information to our team.

Please let us know if you encounter any other issues.

Yes, I have one more issue - I’d like to know if you can do anything to correct my situation?

Don’t bother with devs, they are unfeeling towards the community that serves them. They only thing that drives them to fix problems, is if it is affecting the majority of the player base.

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So I suppose, then, that this “Bug Report” process is simply Devs asking us to do their homework for them? That makes me sad.

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