Pets and thralls randomly dying

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So this time I have complaints if an old bug that has re-emerged. Back just after the pets update there was an issue of pets dying from elevator rides and other mysterious reasons. Well the issue is back. My clan has lost over 6 thralls all from non combat related unknown ways. The first few died because we had ceiling tiles on pillars in part of our base and anytime we crossed it with a thrall or pet they would take damage, and if the damage was great enough, die. So we replaced the pillars and cieling with solid foundation which seemed to prevent the issue.
But there is still an issue in the code. However Ive had thralls die as Ive gone on an elevator ride that was too high and even one randomly die in the unnamed cited as I was in the map room. Im sure its obvious, but with thralls being more unique now theyre not as easily replaceable, especially when youve found one with perks and stats that support its role well.
I have another issue with how we get more fighters with accuracy bonus perks than archers. That however,is not a bug. Hahaha guess we should just keep cooking thralls.

Ps. We did get a count of our followers to make sure we were in limits of what our clan can hold.

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Hey @ReignFr

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Apologies for the frustration and thanks for the feedback.

Glad you posted this Reign, As my follower who was already level 15 with over 12,000hp fell down the elevator and dyed. Then we had one fall down some steps and die. So yeah its crazy and makes you not want to take your best thralls out.

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