Thralls Randomly Dying

Running through Sepermeru tonight on Official PvE server 3731, looking for named thrall. I don’t find anything by Conan’s bar, go down and clear out the bandit end and kill the bearer. Make my way past the prison, down to the end by the rhinos and don’t find anything. Haven’t seen my Snowhunter since we killed the bearer, so I cycle through the commands, she still doesn’t appear. Go back towards the prison to try and find her and see the message, “Dalinsia Snowhunter was killed while following you.” Nothing in the event log, just poof gone with her armor and weapons.
This game has been a buggy bag of ass since 2.3 and it’s beyond ridiculous.


Hey @LouDog777

We’re aware of this issue and our team is currently testing a fix for it internally that should come out soon.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks you where fast.

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