Thralls dying without cause

Fell off cliff today in broken citadel on southern island. Had my berserker, over 70 vitality(over 7000hp), over 50 strength with the epic Pictish armour, and the grey one axe(95health damage). Filled with gruel. I died, grabbed extra horse and went directly back. Maybe 10 minutes or so. Log says, “name” owned by “clan” died. Not killed by such and such, just died. Only god touched thrall I’ve had. Spent all day leveling and he was my best…rip. I don’t mind making a mistake and losing something, but just died?? Plus I was shredding them before I fell off cliff no problem at all. Funcom should have to replace my berserker since it will be nearly impossible to get the same perks and stats again. Also, it was my 4th berserker leveled to get what I wanted. Should not lose hard earned thralls due to glitch. Smdh.


Happened to me , thrall was following me while I was in my base chatting and eating, message that he was killed while following pops up, event log gives no explanation. No corpse found anywhere, all thrall equipment lost, high end armor made with named crafter. Nice.

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The same issue… Two thralls just vanished from my base.
Not even following me, just vanished, and a single entrance on the event log saying the thrall died.

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There was an issue spotted recently where the thralls walk/wander a bit when placed. I haven’t heard if it was acknowledged or not.

Not sure if thralls still take fall damage.