Fix thralls now

Online official
Thralls not working properly, not fighting.
PvE official server
America region server

Just died in grey ones broken citadel, I believe, and had my berserker with me. Had plus 18 vitality totaling over 70 vitality, epic Pictish armour with plus 8 strength totaling over 50 and the grey one axe, 95 health damage. Was shredding them before I went off cliff and died. Somehow berserker was killed. There is no way he fought and was killed. Took 10 minutes or so to get back. My horse was heading back to base when I got there, berserker dead. I WANT MY BERSERKER REPLACED. Thralls keep standing and not attacking constantly. Did not say in log what he was killed by, simply “name” was killed.

Expected to go back to dead grey one bodies and have him follow me out of there alive. Which should have been the case.

Use thrall to fight enemies. Somewhere and have clan mate see if thrall fights or just stands there. Have seen thralls take damage and not fight back.


They have been trashing thralls for 6 months (since patch 2.2). I would not hold my breath on getting them fixed ever. Seems to be an absolute non-priority at Funcom.

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You are not alone.

When it says your thrall ‘name’ died (2)… (2 is normally the amount :man_shrugging:) means your thrall did walk undermesh and died.

I already lost 2 thralls, one with foundations on it for the landclaim because i didnt be lvl60 yet and 1 pet.

They wont teleport, you wont see them on the location it shows and suddenly out of nowhere its gone and dead.

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