Thralls disappearing - NO Event Log info

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE-Conflict]

Thrall on following mode disappeared in the unnamed city after being idle during night time. There’s no record of the thrall being killed or any info whatsoever in the Event Log. Thrall simply vanished. Number of followers has decreased by one. It is like the thrall has never even existed.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Thrall on follow
  2. Stay idle during night time
  3. Wait for the sunrise
  4. Realise your thrall is nowhere to be seen

Sorry for your loss, Lad. Did you happen to check the follower list for the name of the thrall? If it’s there, enable the map by clicking the button far right. Disable any others and look for it on the map. It may be underground, or, more likely, the last place you put him on guard.

Other than that, I have no other suggestions. Good luck !




By the looks of it , ( having a follower on following and being afk ( idle ) for a while ) , may have the effect of deleting the follower without any trace . ( no event log of disapearance , and the thrall not showing on the list of followers ) . since the person is afk it’s hard to track down how this bug occurs exactly .

Further testing needs to be done !

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Thank you, Jim for the suggestion but I did check it. I could have rescued it (in case it was stuck somewhere) but it was like I said. It just vanished and the name was not in my followers list. Thank you for replying

Hello, Kanza.

I am sorry I have left out the fact that I had climbed the base of one of the pillars for the bridge-like structure in front of the Red Mother (the same structure that “The Watcher” boss can be found) right outside the reach of the corrupted area. It is just above the ground and it has a square shape with a little walkable area with the support beam/pillar right at its centre. Do you understand what I am trying to describe? The thrall was out of sight for the entire time (I climbed it, sat down and waited for the sunrise) and it was when I came down that I realised the thrall was gone. Maybe it was trying to reach me and got stuck somewhere for too long. Not sure what happened. But I will now try to keep my followers accountable at all times.

I hope this extra bit of info was somewhat helpful. Conan has kept my sanity in check during quarantine and I have a lot of fun playing it. Big hugs

I’m sorry that happened and it’s obviously due to some other reason, probably a hard-to-replicate bug.

I will say that a similar circumstance, with no loss of thrall, happened to me. I was camping the spider that drops the Nemedian. The first drop was the throwing knives so no joy. I climbed back in the cavern and selected an out of the way spot to be able to send my thrall when he popped, so I could flip to windoze and do some stuff. He disappeared. No commands would work with my thrall. It was like he was not there. I could see him on the map.

I had to run all the way out of the cave and engage in combat before he reappeared, but he did. We went into the cave and I avoided that spot and any other place that would not allow me to command him to move into view. Two kills later gave success.

The area around the redmother is well known for trapping thralls, but, for me, running far enough away has always been productive and I’ve not lost any thralls. They port to me.

Maybe that can be a workaround for you while the devs gather enough info to be able to replicate the problem.



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