Thrall vanishing. can't find it

Game mode: [Online
Problem: | Bug
Region: America

Ya I have no idea what happened. My main thrall was following me and I logged out for a few hours. Then when I came back he was no where to be found. Everything else was still there and fine though.

I’m on official server 3501 pve. Ps4.
I need that thrall back had a lot of stuff I need. Also I checked where he was last at he’s not there. Nothing on the event log.

we need a way to keep tabs on our thralls. There needs to be a thrall list and a way to show them on the map. Also it would help if they didn’t stop following us just because we logged out. This game is pretty buggy. Crashes happen somewhat often.

People might lose a thrall like that.
But ya I wish I knew what happened to my thrall. I need em. Like I said a thrall list/locations on the map would help keep tabs on them.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey @Fire

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Your thrall has most likely gone back to its designated home location, which is the last spot in which you assigned it to guard. In any case, also make sure to check your event log (via the pause menu) to make sure it didn’t die while you were away.
Thanks for your feedback.

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