The case of the vanishing thrall

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [oceanic 4306]

Running around the unnamed city with a thrall and the thing just vanished, not in the player list, no notes in the event log, just up and vanished like a fart on the wind.

I was climbing around grabbing fragment chests and he was teleporting behind me then just disappeared, I wish I could give more info than that but I don’t know what happened I was just climbing up the tower at the Avery and then he was gone

Steps on how to reproduce issue: idea

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This happened to me yesterday. I was at my base running around with my thrall following. At one point i noticed he was gone without a trace. There’s a mention in the log that he has returned home couple of hours after the disappearing but he is still nowhere to be found. Funcom, return our thralls.

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Happened to me twice now, both Beserkers… once I died from falling and it had disappeared and again this morning when it didn’t teleport up to my base. Must be a teleportation issue? Any chance of getting Funcom to respawn them?

Edit: In case it’s relevant to anyone, PVP official 3747, I suspect thrall despawned rather than teleporting both up and down (quite a distance).

Well all my thralls disappeared. Event log says they decayed because I didn’t log on. Yet I have been playing basically everyday and all my bases are still here with my worker thralls.

I lost all my fighter and archers and mounts. And of course all their gear and weapons.

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It’s unlikely we’d get them replaced, I personally an not worried about replacement, I’m just a little annoyed that the armour, weapon and name of the thrall are all stuff I stole of some Muppets who decided to offline raid our base, so after I killed their thrall I made a new one in his image as a trophy of sorts

Lol well played! It’s not the loss of the thrall so much as the gear. I lost mine both pre-level 10 so didn’t have a lot of time invested yet. But cooking another one, fingers crossed it sticks around.

At least if I knew what series of actions resulted in it I could avoid them.

I wish I had have taken a screenshot of the armour so I could replicate it, but that wouldn’t quite be the same

Hi @Tytan, does the missing follower not show up on the Follower Management screen?

@Koschgine Thralls that return home go to the last position you’ve placed them on guard, but you should be able to either enable the map marker for that thrall through the Follower Management screen and determine where it as gone to, or simply use the rescue mechanic (be aware that they lose their equipment when doing this).

@GaryBusey Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any refunds of materials, followers, or equipment lost, as there is no MMO-like admin support for the game in official servers. Please refer to the suggestions above to find and recover your followers.

For more information on this system please refer to the patch thread for its release.

No he didn’t appear in the event log as dead or under follower management, it’s as if he never existed

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A mi me ha pasado ya varias veces lo del esclavo…se buguea y lo pierdes

I’ve had similar happen where it will say a thrall in in the area but not be visible, if I take a different thrall and leave the area and come back they normally show up, but this one just vanished all together

Same thing just happened to a level 19 Lian in epic gear and legendary weapon/shield, nothing in the event log or in the followers list, I was AFK at home base talking to the Mrs and when I looked back at the screen the follower was gone

Could you provide more information about the status of the follower, such as whether he was guarding or following your character, as well as it’s exact position (if possible through a screenshot).

Usually, when followers unexpectedly disappear, it’s either due to an issue that causes them to sink under an object or the map’s mesh, or by teleporting back to their last guarding position. If they do die, it’s always shown on the Event Log.

They were both following me at the time I had just returned to base after levelling them.

The base was located on the cliffs above talier’s birth, I can’t get an exact position on where they vanished as I’ve been forced out of that area by land claim spammers

I have come to the conclusion it’s a teleporting issue, as our base is up rather high and it seemed to happen to me (three times) either when the thrall needed to teleport up or down after I ascend or descend the elevator.

Since this determination I’ve been careful to always “pick up” my thrall and essentially carry them up and down - and have not lost one since my earlier post. Always happened when Following.

Hope this helps others!

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Thank you for all the details provided, we’ll forward this information to the developers.

I have seen my enemies base decay on official about 3 hours after they last left it. I think your still lucky with your thralls :slight_smile:

I have had a base in a crack north of the well of skelos on my last pvp official. First, I had one of my dancers vanishing. I decided to rescue him. A few days later I realised that the other dancer was missing. I eventually discovered him, about 20 or 30 meters into a solid ingame wall

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