PS4 Patch (10.03.2020) - Update 39 Followers I: Followers Management System, AI fixes and more!

Greetings Exiles!

We’re excited to bring to all of you a long-requested feature, the Followers Management system! From a new tab in your player menu you’ll now be able to get information and manage your followers at a glance, adding a few new QoL improvements as well. Check their stats, location in the map, break bonds or -new in this patch- rescue them. All of it from a new snappy screen we’re sure you’ll grow to love during your adventures in the Exiled Lands. We’ve improved on this feature thanks to all the feedback our community has been sharing with us during its Testlive period, with multiple fixes and refinements

We’re also bringing a slice of fixes and improvements to the game, starting with addressing some of the most reported issues with Thralls’ AI, extra improvements against undermesh locations as well as general bugfixing.

Additionally, we’d like to introduce you to our new Executive Producer, Scott Junior! You can find the producer letter here that details things we’re currently working on, as well as some things planned for the future.

Thanks again for your ongoing support and feedback.


New Follower Management System!

With great power comes great responsibility! Following up on our follower leveling system, we’re introducing the Follower Management System. From this screen you’ll have at a glance an overview over your army of followers, giving you extra control even from a distance! You can access it from a new tab in the player menu. From this new screen you will be able to:

View your current number of followers!

If you have the population cap enabled in your server or single player game, you will be able to check your current quota of followers as well as the maximum you’re allowed based on the server settings. Quick and easy! On official servers, however, you will still have to wait to see this count as we are not enabling the population limit just yet. We will inform beforehand when this change is coming.

Check stats, rescue and break bonds from a distance!

From the management screen you can now break bonds with those followers you’re no longer interested in keeping. Just click on them and select “Break Bond” from the menu. Much easier than having to deal with the emotional trauma of doing it face to face.

We have also added a new extra functionality. Tired of those pesky followers who chose to disappear in the middle of the night? You can now recall them to your position (as long as you’re within your claim) to keep them under control. However, this power comes with a few caveats:

When they get rescued, and to avoid possible abuse of this feature, they will lose their inventory and equipment. After you have used recall, you (or your clan) won’t be able to use it again for a certain period of time (cool-down), and those followers who were engaged in combat recently will not be able to be recalled until a certain time has passed. Best of all, both timers are customizable!(via ini edit at the moment)

Locate your followers in the map!

Similar to the current feature where you can see your fellow clan mates in the map, you can now also keep an overview on where your followers are at any moment. Off by default, you can select which one of your thralls or pets you want to see located in the map. No more hide and seek!


  • New Follower Management System!
  • AI fixes!
  • Exploit fixes!
  • …and more!



  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.


  • Additional tweaks to the issue where players would get randomly killed when interacting with certain meshes or reaching certain locations.
  • Fixed an exploit regarding building pieces.
  • Deployed measures against undermeshing.


  • Follower management system! Command and track your followers with new and improved tools.
    • You now can break bonds with followers remotely.
    • You can now recall followers to your position if you’re within your claim. This feature has a cooldown and restrictions to avoid possible abuse.
    • You can now see your followers on the map. You can select which followers you want to be displayed this way and which ones you don’t (unticked by default).
  • Added the following ini settings to control the new functionality introduced with the Followers Management System (available in G-Portal’s web adminpanel):
    • EnableFollowerRescueOnLandClaimOnly=True/False. If true, players can rescue followers ONLY on land they (or their clan) own
    • EnableFollowerRescueInBuildExclusionZone=False/True. If false, players cannot rescue followers in Build Exclusion Zones.
    • FollowerRescueCooldown=3600. Defines (in seconds) how often players can rescue followers (cooldown is shared between clan members).
    • DamageCooldownBeforeRescue=600. Amount of seconds where followers cannot be rescued if player or target follower took any damage.


  • Flinthead arrows no longer require feathers to craft.


  • The effect of Set’s Tongue and Mitra’s Justice no longer persists until logging out.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause armor penetration to stack on consecutive bow shots.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Rhino King not to retaliate against attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with stationary NPC awareness that would cause them to be unresponsive if they had previously rotated.
  • NPCs should now properly switch weapons, even to melee, if their throwing weapon runs out or their shields break.
  • Resolved an issue where thralls would sometimes prefer unarmed attacks despite having a weapon available in their inventory.
  • Thralls that switched from melee to ranged or viceversa should no longer remain in a contemplative, unresponsive state, wondering what’s the point of life or if pineapple belongs on pizza (it does).
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would not follow their attack rotations and did no combos.


  • Fixed an issue where the Purge would fail to find an appropriate target if the player had not been in LOD range of a qualifying construction.


  • Sprinting should no longer persist after mounting and dismounting a horse under certain circumstances.
  • Torches can now be equipped while traversing water bodies on a horse.


  • Fixed an issue where mounted combat animations could be interrupted.


  • In between whipping sessions, our #spellchekker team managed to correct a number of mispelled NPC names.
  • Fixed a number of French localization issues for certain items and stats. #le-spellchekker
  • Added follower management tab to player menu.
  • Followers location is now displayed in the map (off by default).
  • Cleared up some redundant information in pets’ info screen.
  • The last option in gameplay settings should no longer be blocked out of screen boundaries.


  • Fixed an issue where humanoid NPCs would continuously play drunk emote animations and sound effects when idle. #idleresponsibly


Is hanuman grotto’s fixed ? @hugo


Uuuh nice!

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Pineapple does not belong on pizza. Please patch this out.


Thrall AI still got problems:

Equipped thrall with Dead Leg, didn‘t use it and attacked with fists instead, equipped manually and he used it. But the next fight he won‘t use it again :expressionless:

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When will the thrall limit be enforced and when will they be killed please?


So players on mounts outside of raid time are still invincible? Awesome!


Possible edit? I don’t think there is a vanity camera option on console.


No is not fixed

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I missed the bit in the notes where you have reduced the strength of all thralls considerably!? Most have them have dropped strength by 10?


Are the weaker now?

By about 10-15 points on average. One dalinsia has gone down by 20!!


Hello everyone! A great welcome to the new producer! I am eager to try the new features later tonight! To live is to evolve every day, learning with the experience! Thank you everyone!

This game wont and never be fix. That way i stop New world soon from amazon :slight_smile:

Most thralls could 2 hit kill a player with the best Armor and and a strength and vitality build, so yeh it was needed because everyone was complaining about it

And lets not forget, how the new thralls were “selled” to us: They are significantly stronger!

Also lets not forget, PvE needs x4 time to level up thralls and the nerf was mostly from PvPers (or PvE-c which also has x4 XP).

Edit: I dont understand, why there isnt a setting to scale thrall dmg VS human players.


The % dmg boost is the same. At least at my strongest thrall.

Before patch: Let us see your best thrall!


Vitality-points also got reduced… But he still has same health. Very strange :smiley:

Thralls are weaker now? Serious? Funcom is unable to maintain consistency in the game. One day the game is great, the next what you used to love is gone. It is impossible to get attached to such a game.

There are things in the game that I hate, and even so I got used to playing with that and respect those who like it. For example, the purge. But nowadays I always play worried if the things I’m enjoying in the game will stop being the way they are. It is sad to like a game as I like this. But Funcom is helping me a lot to abandon it.

I spent hours looking for Dalinsias because they were strong. For what? For Funcom to simply make it worthless, as they are not as strong as they were.


Yes I think you are correct, just experimented with armours and the armour buffs don’t make a difference to the white numbers now, so your total strength is the white and green numbers together.