Thralls across the map last... forever?

This absolutely blew my mind. But after asking in server chat they told me “as long as you’re still playing on the server, the thralls won’t disappear”.

I hadn’t played in a while and was just checking out the noob starting zone where we had our first base. It was built back in probably… March-ish 2019? During that month (after moving our base to the north) we completely destroyed everything at our base in the noob zone so that other new players could build there.

But tonight I’ve found that my thralls from ~7 months ago are STILL there?? So nobody has been able to build there, and will never be able to, unless I move the thralls into another area of the map, which will still restrict that area too?

This doesn’t make any sense.

Thralls in ‘guard’ mode who are not anywhere near that player’s building should carry a decay timer just like the building structures do.

Why are thralls treated differently than structures, and last indefinitely … ?


oh yes, then there are the floating thralls, ocupying large are of the map, is one of the things that almost made me drop this game, becuase it felt just wrong, as if i was playing a totally glitched game…

Yeah at that point it seems even intentional from Funcom. It can’t be so hard to deal with (and please don’t you all start with your coding/staffing/religious arguments. This really ought to be long done)

On the other we might have soon flying mounts that will trample these flying thralls. Or at least kick them out from the clouds they’re miraculously pinned to

So maybe it’s not a coding thing, but rather a “how should we resolve this matter and not explode thralls/pets that are still active and cared for by the players” thing. Or a “how not to turn caring for thralls into a chore for players, because players want to enjoy the game instead of feeling like it’s a chore”, because that was the problem with the feeding mechanic.

Maybe, if we could push undesired thralls and pets off a high rope bridge, everything would look brighter.

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I won’t dignify this with an answer. ROPE BRIDGES are beautiful things that should help bringing exiles together instead of killing them (nice try though :rofl:)

Jokes apart: a simple kill command, available to the clan leader, would allow to dispose of some of them in a humane way.

For the rest, the ‘truly abandoned’ ones: Why wouldn’t they have a decay timer refreshed through rendering/proximity, the exact same way the buildings are refreshed? Would that just be unfair to players who like to litter the map with thralls? What’s the reason this can’t be implemented? I love the game and I deeply respect the devs but this is just getting ridiculous.

Darn, failed to distract you from the topic with a rope bridge tangent. Oh well.

That’s a fair question. But, based on what Jenk Erik and Alex hinted at in a recent stream, a solution to this is probably in the works. At that point I hope we’ll have umbrellas in the game because it’s raining men, hallelujah.


While I understand the annoyance/frustration to the fullest, I’ll propose a quick solution for your immediate “problem” instead of joining the debate; Kite a world boss over ^^ they work wonders for clearing out pets.

Hell, they might kill it ofc, but then you just kite another over when it respawns and watch if tear them to shreds. From what I’m seeing, there is a Rotbranch near enough, and within kiting distance, to the spot.
Just a thought of course ^^


For pve situations I would even dare to propose an “abandoned state” for thralls where they don’t disappear instantly but become killable by any passerby.

Are you expecting they will finally address the thrall decay? Or just make them discover gravity? There have been to many instances of “We are working on it” followed by “We found a fix” that were just addressing a tiny part of the problems, frankly.

Well, even baby steps are still steps. I don’t really have a horse in this race, being a Single-player - but the discussion was specifically about abandoned thralls cluttering the map, so I would assume they have correctly identified the problem. Whether they come up with an applicable solution is a different matter, but let’s give them a chance to show what they’ve got before deciding that it’s going to fail.

The thing is that I just can’t get rid of my fighter Thralls and Pets which became obsolete (if not to use Better Thralls mod I mean). Yes, I can lead them into Volcano to burn alive in lava or kill them in some other complicated ways… It is time-consuming and it is NOT a fun for me. I feel pity for those groups of pixels. I’d like to have button “Set free” in their radial menu and some kind of farewell animation: people waving their hands, animals turning to have a long look at you and trotting off into the wild. It would be fun and motivation to get rid of obsolete Thralls and Pets.


And the human thralls would just shake your hand and bid you farewell…

Plot twist: in an alternative world where AI and pathfinding is more than a distant dream, thralls would leave the base when it decays, climbing down stairs, walking through the doors… some of them would resettle around a campfire, some would go hunting, some would unsuccessfully try to walk through the green wall…
I feel like we should be more aware to the fact that we are giving all these guys lives a purpose, and this should be reflected in their behaviour whenever we abandon them (even deeper: put back the feeding system and have the thralls aggro on you when you don’t feed them enough. Or resort to pet killing and/or cannibalism. Now that would be immersive)


No, the system before wasnt perfect. The system now is even farther away from being perfect…

Perfect system would be: Put food in pots. Thrall/animal takes 1 thing and at THE END of its decay timer, it will try to get another thing… If the pot is empty = bybebye.

Not before. Not all the time.

Otherwise the game becomes food-delivery-boy simulator.

Also the pots should have a preservation function or you can also put ice-cubes in it.


To be honest the feeding system wasn’t as bad as you say. You’d stuff the box with honey once in a few months and everything was fine. All you needed is to have a box nearby so it had the benefit of letting them die if no base was in range…
But on the other hand, if like a kill/set free button much more. We shouldn’t have to wait until they starve to death to disappear.


Make a death trap… But up some spikes then walls around it, then a ceiling above it.
Place thrall at the ceiling -> remove ceiling…

Make it high enough to put a ceiling on it again. Rinse & repeat :smiley:

We definitely need a better system than what we have now, especially in PvE. It often feels like I spend just as much time kiting bosses to kill orphans as i do playing.

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Says the guy who was too lazy to feed the thralls :yum:

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Because, as I wrote before, I dont want to play food-devlivery-boy :smiley:

But I like killing stuff… Even my own thralls :smiley:

I have to replace my army of N`batu with female Cimmerian berserker… They look way better :smiley: Also they fit better in, with all the volcano thralls :slight_smile:

But the N’batus were always doing a great job.

Place em near a world boss… will be some help to some player obtaining a skeleton key…

If u cannot kill em, at least make a good use of them

And I hate killing my own proteges without getting loot. IRL you kill livestock to get MORE meat and hides that from the wild ones, but not in CE. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

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