Thralls and Pets with no owner

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: Performance
Region: [NA]

[What happens when a person stops playing on an official server, their base is demolished and they have 300 pets and thralls bogging the server? Do they ever die or something?
Seeing as they don’t need to eat, do they just always stay on the server?]

This is only 1/4 of them

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I will post this happen i call junk Thrall and Junk pet it all around in the world on server.

If PVP we can’t kill them but PVE we ccan’t do that.

Please Fix this issue Dev.

Pets and thralls have a 14/15 day decay timer right now. BUT if anyone from that clan even logs into the server, the timer is refreshed for all the thralls and pets across the entire map.

Hey there @Sheet-Man, thank you for reaching out!

As it has been mentioned, they do have a decay time that might have been refreshed even after the base has decayed.
In any case, we’ve shared this concern with the developers so that they may consider a possible solution for this matter.

And what happens if it gets attacked? Isnt it resetting the decay-timer?

If the animals or thralls are attacked it has no effect on the decay time. Only the logging in of a clan member can reset them.


Hello all, my friend and I have been playing on one of the offical servers and whilst I undetrstand that the clearing of old buildings has happened, all of the thralls that were there are still there so this is as the original poster mentioned, but coming from the other way around. As most of these thralls are low level and so not really wanted, is there a way that we can release them back to the wild or do we have to kill them? We have quite a few at our starting area and all I want to do is clear them for other people to use that area as I dont want to be one of the ones talked about!
I have tried to put them on follow and then unfollow (not guard) but they go back to where they started and not the new base. Cheers for any tips.
Have fun … or dominate, your choice!


Hello @TraineeNumpty, welcome to the forums!

You may consider knocking them out and capturing them for yourself, or simply having them killed by players or npcs.

Thanks for the welcome.
Sorry, I must have not been clear, I’ll try again. Grab a drink, its a doozy!

We had lots of low level thralls (crocs, shalebacks, hyenas, people and others) being new we grabbed and converted as many as we could get not knowing that they are pretty useless compared to others and they were just sittting around our original base. At some point, this base was wiped out by I am guessing a cleanout and we lost lots of stuff.

No matter, we started anew elsewhere further north but now I am trying to remove the dozen or so thralls that were there before the cleanout at the original base and a satelite base we built.

We logged in and the buildings, benches, boxes etc had all gone but the animals and people we converted are still where they were before the buildings dissapeared.

I do not want to keep these thralls but I do want to clear it so as not to block anyone else from building there. What I am asking is are we going to have to go and put them out of their misery with a bit of bludgeoning/chopping or is there another way to release them back to the wild?

For info, the server is an official PVE server so they cannot be killed by others and everytime either of us login we are resetting their decay timers as noted above. We built the base where there are no real NPC’s and due to the large number of thralls in close proximity to each other ( our first attempt at a defensive line type thing), the npc wouldnt last long enough to take any of our thralls out before dying themselves.

Thanks again for any info.

Drag them one at a time to the nearest boss and get them killed is the only way on a official pve server. That is my only thought on being rid of them.

Thank you @Hugo and @sestus2009 . Yup thought so unless I get all bloody … mind you, the big 3 skull croc is close across the water … hmmm … think I’ll change their names to ‘crocfodder’ or similar before dragging them across the water to meet their maker, just for giggles!

Fellow on my server built closer to the crocodile he had 100 plus animals people would use his base to kill crocodile eventually they were all gone .

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