Question from Mrs Jones

She would like to ask FUncom since they stopped having to feed pets and thralls, what is to be done with all the abandoned ones?

Our main official server there are 100s all over the place. The big buildings have gone, yet wall to wall people and pets.

I guess this happens on other servers, I only play one.

I am not even sure the 15 day thrall decay is working. There is an orphaned thrall floating in the Oasis pond by my base and his masters haven’t been seen in over a month. That’s a long time to tread water. I honestly think the thralls are refreshing off of anyone that gets near them.


just picked up some floating thralls last night from a base I abandoned over a month ago. There is no decay for thralls that I’m aware of right now. I’ll try to look at another server where I dismantled the base a couple of months ago. I have been within maybe a few hundred foundations away from there recently but hopefully not close enough to “legally” refresh. If those tames are still there, then the decay system is truly broken.

Just knock them out and claim them for yourself. If they floating, use blunt arrows

Abandoned but still owned by my clan, no need to knock out, just say follow me

I have an answer. Server wipe.

Server wipe with custom settings. Admins should be able to do a mini server wipe. This targets abandon bases. Allowing admins to wipe hackers,cheaters and etc.

Zombies in the mist.

Yes let us PvE servers take them, OR kill them

There is NO thrall decay, that is the problem. A 30 day timer for new ones, but how to starve the wild ones, and not lose all your named and rares.

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Well you can close this. It seems they all just disappeared.

Thanks Funcom!

Returned to that spot 2 days ago (07/22) and slowly started walking into render range. Sure enough, floating animals. Only ventured close enough to see about 4 pop up but I’m certain the ones behind are still there. Did not approach any closer due to a strange sense I call hope that they may, some month, decay. I don’t understand since I dismantled that base MONTHS ago and I don’t get near there anymore. Nobody from my clan ventures over there either. North of Sepermeru near green wall but well south of lion spawn. Unless you want the queen for skeleton key, there is nothing

If you’re in the northern part of the map, you could kite some corrupted wolves to them. Not dying by the wolf before getting to the thralls is the tricky part. :wink:

mine are on a pvp server, I could kill them during raid time if I wanted to. Idc, they’re not worth it. I was just updating @Palm522 as requested.

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