What is the current thrall decay?

I tried looking this up but all I’m seeing are posts from back when thralls had to be fed. I see no current info on how long it takes thralls to decay. I’ve seen some that have been hanging around long after the base they were in is gone.

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You can check the settings, but I think all the official servers are set for 15 days.

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Problem is players only have to login to refresh thralls not visit like building decay. On a pve official hundred or so pets and thralls just miling around no sign of a base. This was on newbie River. They were there for months.


Very true… believe me, I know since I had to clean up servers in the past for this issue. Old days of floating followers.

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after base itself decays in 165 hours then i guess starts those 2 weeks for thralls so its like month in total, because in PVE i mostly run by one base that decayed 14 days ago and those thralls still sits there xD

If its a clan, one person logging in will restart the timers on all the clan thralls.

I spent weeks moving my clan mates followers from their decayed bases in 2 official servers.

Hours of wasted time for sure but cleared the area and saved the followers for future use. Granted on one server i will start despawning a bunch since they are not needed.

Years ago my wife and I found a bunch of floating thralls near the home of the Dafari witch doctor built up foundations and brought them home. Must have been a glitch. They were worth the materials.

Thanks, I play on an official server so hopefully they will decay and not be refreshed.

For structures, its a max of 7 days pending on size and materials. Technically, the property could still be there post 7 days, but typically, people ransack it after 7. Thralls/pets are 15 days (except for the one the consoles they temporarily shut the decay off for a bug fix).

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