Thrall Decay Time?

a friend of mine had a family issue arise and was away from the game for roughly 5 days. all her buildings and materials were intact upon her return. But she lost every single thrall. In the event log it says away from game to long. anyone know what the decay timer is set on? we are on an official server (3531). I have seen many miscellaneous thralls at a location for months. seemingly abandoned of forgotten. before she left she tranfered power to her grandson so he could log in and check on stuff. Any clue what happened???

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Away from game too long? I have never seen that message in the event logs, can you get them to SS it and post it? Thralls usually last longer than builds in a decay environment.
Honestly it sounds as if Grandson may have deleted them.


that’s what i am fearing as well. I’ll get her to screen shot it and forward it here.

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I agree with @JJDancer during the time I played on official pets and thralls scattered all over with no apparent owners. Grandson would have had to delete them one by one as far as I know did she loose pets also?

Last time it was posted, thralls refreshed for two weeks, no matter their location, whenever a clan member logged in. If the thralls were deleted, the log will plainly say “Bob the Fighter was deleted by {clanmember}”, or bonds broken. I’ve deleted enough to see it. Make sure the thrall box is checked.


I believe that the grandson wanted to explore a bit and he was loosing thralls. Especially if these thralls were from the starting river with low gear. Like @speedice mentioned, thralls decay is 2 weeks, too many players use thralls and pets to store items when they go for holidays. So, time to farm new ones :wink:.

Or Grandma is just off her meds, it all sounds fishy, lol.

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To add to the points already made, the thrall timer is two weeks of zero clan logins.

You can check this by reviewing the server settings, ESC, Settings, Abandonment, while in game.

If I have misunderstood your question, please let me know.

I play with these people. They were the first ones I met after transferring a month ago from 3532 after the merges. I can honestly say I heard what happened to her and it seemed very strange. However the potential of her grandson deleting every thrall one-by-one is very unlikely. She had thralls at various map rooms and outposts across the map and to track down every thrall would have been a chore and unlikely, especially if she trusted her grandson enough to look after her stuff for a few days. The only way he would have done it quickly was use the follower menu, but I find it odd to go to that effort.

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