All thralls decayed, is this a bug?

Platform: Steam

Issue Type: Gameplay

Game Mode: Online Official

Server Type: PVE

Map: Exiled Lands

Server: Official 1521

I’ve been having some IRL issues and flat out forgot to refresh my base, however when I logged in my base was still there but all my thralls were gone. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if this is normal. Since when do thralls decay before your base does? If it’s not normal is there any way to get my thralls back? I’m not holding out much hope but figured it doesn’t hurt to ask.

That is unusual.

I have not looked into the mechanics lately, but in the past, your base taking damage would reset its decay. Since you are on PvE, perhaps it was caused by someone climbing on one of your fences. If someone was jabbed by a fence, the fence will also take 1 damage, which might reset your decay (again, have not tested this lately).

I see others have been having thrall decay issues. Perhaps my server was affected as well?

Actually, it looks like your base went into the abandoned state at the correct time, but bases stay abandoned for 24 hours. If you logged back in before that time ran out, you probably just managed to refresh it during the grace period and were fortunate enough that nobody demolished it while it was abandoned.

Still, even with it being in an abandoned state I’ve not seen thralls decay before the base does. In my experience they decay days later so this doesn’t seem right to me.

After the last extended holiday decay timers they changed the thrall decay to 10 days. Just like the building decay time. At this change they made a mistake and changed it accidentally to 1 day where people lost all their followers. Then made a rollback which made me lose all my followers.
Also there was an issue on siptah after they activate the decay timers a while ago. So it could be something similar.

But perhaps you just logged in after 10 days. A decayed base stays a while longer in the decayed state and if you log in you refresh your timers. Followers are gone after exactly 10 days.

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If that’s the case then perhaps thralls should be given the same grace period the base receives.

There are no bugs anymore, only happy features. Funcom happily deleted many players thralls on Siptah over 2 months ago and has done nothing to remedy it.

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