All thralls decayed due to "no member of guild online" a few hours ago despite being on last time within the required decay time, base is still here

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1502
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Logged in just before midnight CST to see that my thralls had decayed a couple hours before, even though I have been online within 10 days and my base didn’t decay. I have never had this issue before and think I’ve had them all for around 2 years at this point and suddenly they are gone?

Bug Reproduction:



Just to double-check, you logged in after this Saturday and lost your Thralls today, correct?

Awaiting your response!

My apologies, I honestly wasn’t sure I’d get a response so didn’t check back until now. Thanks for your reply.

It was either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I can’t remember which day. It was a quick login just to refresh base, but I am pretty sure the thralls were present during that ~10 minutes in the evening. I didn’t think they decayed normally though if my base was still up, unless now the thrall decay timer is less than the base decay.

The time in my event log is 2023.09.07

Can you check the server settings on your server and see what the thrall abandonment is set to now? This is to double check if your server got the correct settings at all.

EDIT: I checked myself and indeed you have thrall decay set to 10 days.

Someone in my discord server said that when summer timers change back to normal, your decay time goes back to whatever it was left at before summer timers started, so like if it was at 100 hours right before and then shot up to the summer 2-week timer, once it returns to normal timers, instead of defaulting to the new max 240 hours, it would go back to where it was left at the way previous 100 hours until you log in again and refresh it to 240? If how I phrased it makes sense. Is this true? I guess it would explain some things if so.

Yes, this is correct. You will need to log in to refresh to the new timer. It won’t reset to default on its own.

I thought maybe that is what could have happened, but then again my base was fine. And I don’t think it was a case of it decaying and no one being in the area, since two of them are at obelisks one being sinkhole, they should have gone poof if it was decay. Oh well, I guess I will never know for sure, but don’t think I will get them back. Thank you for the info, I will be careful about the switch from summer timers in the future in case that had anything to do with it

All my thralls are gone as well. on two servers. Base refreshed but all thralls gone. It looks like the thralls disappeared after about 13 days, while the summer 20 day decay rates were still in effect. Was this intentional? How can we put work into a game when we don’t really know what the decay situation is going to be at any given time? And separate related question: if when we last refreshed it said we were good for 20 days, shouldn’t it stay 20 days even if summer rates end while we are away?

The summer timer is gone, it was changed to 10 days.

This happened to me as well on one of the servers I play on. Logged in that Saturday and thralls gone but didn’t log in until the following thursday and thralls go on that Tuesday. The issue here was that the rollback was fine but the timer was updated and therefore i was only 1 day away from decay time from the last log in…and poof. Still got thanos’d. It’s Ok because i have too many open games right now anyways.

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Fine, but thralls never had a timer so short. Never. Why are they making thralls decay now before the base? Who changed that and why?

I actually prefer that. Too many days of running around servers with floating thralls everywhere or thralls preventing building in areas where a base was previously decayed.

No I like the thrall timer to be no longer than a 2 week period.

I mean I am OK with that too, but, this was less than 1 full week

Funcom really missed an opportunity here to have the Stygians come through and attack everyone. I mean, if I’m going to lose all my thralls, I’d rather it have been because the Stygians were coming, I had plenty of advanced warning to protect them but I didn’t, and they were killed. You want people to get online more often, incentivize that way. Purge on demand, except when the admins do it to you, is a disappointing choice.

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