Suggestion for Server Admin

I suggest that a server admin go to all the servers and look for abandoned thralls from decayed bases, and delete them. PvE-C #1942 server is lagging really hard. Almost to the point of not being playable, and has been this way for going on two weeks. I suspect that is because of all the decayed bases with a few to a few dozen thralls and pets lingering there. The server has to track these, right? They are everywhere.

We have a base in H8/9 and when we started building it, there was a base right beside us. That base decayed two days after we started building. Those thralls and pets are still there, months later. Like about 3 or 4 months. And they interfere with purges that happen here, because the purge often spawns right on the opposite side of that group. Anything that spawns in is killed. I have watched many T4 NPCs being killed. A few of the pets have been killed by those purges, but that’s it. The thralls do not die, and they gang up on anything that spawns and kill it within seconds. Obviously good weapons and armor on those thralls.

If FUNCOM doesn’t want to admin these servers, let us kill thralls from decayed bases.

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