Need help from Admin


Good Night Fellows Supporters, im Playin on the Offical Server #1975 PvE and i found a decayed Base so i began to work my new base There, and when the thralls from the older Owner was on the final time to decay someone of the older owner clan Logged in and reset on purpose, BTW i tried contact with them and asked to remove but they Denied my request so i would like to Some admin Clear the thralls cause i can´t evolve my base or even place my buildings correctly.

Best Regards

Funcom does not offer that type of Admin support for official servers. Hopefully this post explains why:

You need to work it out yourself with the clan, or move your base or decide to take aggressive action against the thralls/pets you want to remove probably by dragging tough high health, high damage-dealing npc (Eg world bosses) across to their vicinity so they kill the thralls/pets for you.

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