Thralls won’t go away

I’m on a pve server an someone’s base decayed an it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks an the thralls won’t decay I can’t kill them, any ideas please

Well, even if their base has decayed, if the player responsible is still regularly logging in, then AFAIK those thralls are going to stay there, unless of course they stop logging on, or move them.

I think the decay timer is 14 days, though that may have changed recently (I am sure someone will correct me if wrong :wink: )

If you know who the player is, you could always try asking them to move their thralls.

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Official is 15 days:

If the thralls aren’t well-geared and there is a boss nearby, you could try kiting the boss over to kill them, but if that could be a lot of work even if feasible.

Ah, yeah, close, heh.

If the thralls are still up well beyond their decay timers, and the owner isn’t building anything in the area. You might even try talking to the server admin (most would be happy to clear them out) to get them removed, using whatever method that server uses for that sort of thing. If you’re on a FC provided server, use Zendesk.

I don’t know if Funcom would do anything. They built a system for clearing thralls and that system is functioning as intended.

On the other hand, those thralls might be blocking content. :man_shrugging:

The owner of the thralls may not be playing anymore, but he could be in a clan where the other members don’t know that they are there and are actually refreshing these thralls by just playing, try to reach out to them if you know where they are :slight_smile:

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