Animals and thralls decay timers

I’m on a PVE server and I’ve had problems with another person, he’s base decayed and I took over the area. He was grieving me for a little bit and then left his animals there and thralls I messaged funcom about a month ago they said they look into it. The altar and blocks that he had built to grieve me with finally decayed, but the animals an thralls are still there like I said it’s been about a month. How long does it take for them to go away?

Your next purge should take care of them, no? Are they inside the base?
It should take 15 days, though, if I’m not mistaken…

Well, I moved onto the top of the hill by set city almost a month ago an they haven’t decayed yet an I can’t lead anything to them cause they can’t climb up there

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All it takes is for him to login once in a while and the thralls’ timer resets. He doesn’t even need to go close. If that’s what he is doing, you better think about moving because those thralls won’t go anywhere. You can always wait until he gets tired, but you would be ruining your fun for nothing.

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