Need help, dealing with thralls from people that no longer play

Someone amassed an Army of Thralls/pets, giant scorpion queen looking things. Tons and tons of Thralls just surrounding the entire Mounds of Dead. I’ve killed a few but the rest are bunched up really close, the moment I hit one. I get an Army chasing me. And honestly they kill me in about 2 hits.

I haven’t played in a about a year. just got back into the game about 2 -3 weeks now. So far been having a huge blast with all the new stuff they added. So I wasn’t sure. Do these thralls also have a Decay / Despawn timer? Or can I report this issue on here somewhere? Just asking since I haven’t been on in awhile. Last option then I assume is the old fashion “Bedroll, smack till you die” routine.


Takes about a month, this to will pass

It looks as if someone’s base had decayed… Followers have a bit longer decay timer if I’m not mistaken.

Followers and pets have around a month decay timer on them. You said you killed a few? So I assume you are on a PvP server? Simply just set down a dozen or so spikes and have them run into them.


It’s a pity that no one can take those stray DLC horses…

If you can kill them, I assume this is on a PvP server. Just ask around, rally a few other people on the server and organize a good thrall hunting season. Have a little competition to see who can kill the most. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know other people on the server, have a little bonding time with people against whom you’ll otherwise be competing.

Who knows, maybe you can even come to a mutual understanding and agreement to keep the server clean of stuff that blocks or ruins other people’s fun.

Yeah it’s a PvP Server, though I’ve been the only one on it daily. Saw one other person online but that was about 2 weeks ago, and he was starting fresh like me. I tried switching to a bow build, but it’s ridiculous how tanky these guys are, I was using poison arrows. I’ll try out the spike idea tomorrow. Thank you for the suggestion!

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try to place the spikes on their respawn positions and try to use the big spikes

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you can also build yourself a little barricade with big spikes that only you can enter but leave a little cap that cant be walked trough but to be used to strike the thralls with a speer and if you enter your barricade and the thralls leave already you need to apply them bleed or poison before

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