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I have been playing Conan Exiles for a while now. I had taken my character around and passed an area where I had another character about two months ago. I had deleted that character and when I went by there today the two thralls I had where still there two months later. Is there something that can be done except to leave thralls to die and they dont? There has to be a way we the players can delete the thralls we are not keeping except to leave them? This was on server called Conan , PVE, America, Valid , no battleye. Can anything be done about this?

They should have died as long as Thrall and Pet feeding is turned on. Since it’s a private server, it could be disabled, in which case no there isn’t anything you the player can do. I think the admin could force kill it though.

Some thralls and pets are bugged. Even on the official server i play on, there are mountain ranges littered with thralls/pets from old bases that should have died long ago.

One place in particular is loaded with floating thralls, i’m assuming a base used to be there.

I think in a lot of those cases, its people loading those Thralls up with honey. Honey doesn’t have a decay on it.

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