Abandoned Thralls June 1st 2020

So I bought a PC a couple months back and started playing Conan on it (played since launch on PS4) I play PvE and always wanted to build on the coast O7 area. My base has of course become bigger and bigger started to look more like a village than anything else ha. Since I joined the server there been four fighter and one camel that have just been sitting there. No one on my server owns them or claims to own then. Is there no way to clean up the abandoned thralls? I hope someone knows something I don’t that can help. Have had several purges and kinda hoped they’d die in the but of course the purge would rather spawn inside my walls instead of fighting their way in tho that’s a discussion for another time. Thanks you listening (reading).


Old thralls are an unfortunate side effect of official servers. If it’s pve the best thing I can recommend is luring bosses over to them. Provided they’re not absurdly op berserkers, they should get cleaned up.

If you do kite a boss over, you can try to help its chances by separating the orphaned thralls using fence foundations and walls. By fighting a boss only 1v1, you increase its chances of being able to clean them up.

Of course, with the new tethering mechanic, it may no longer be possible to kite them far enough away to perform this useful service. :frowning:

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Yeah that’s been the problem really

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I know it will sound stupid but, did you tried gas orbs? I know it’s pve but last time i was using gas arrow it seems that it effects on my thrall too. So give it a try, you never know.

Doesn’t the trick griefers use against innocent PvEers work, ie. palisades? At least last I checked, they caused damage to thralls (and players) in PvE too.

(Disclaimer: please do not use this trick against thralls with legitimate masters. Someone out there loves them and will be sad if they died.)


Hey I didn’t even think about this thank you I’ll give that a try!

The status with show but they aren’t actually affected


Thank you so much this worked perfectly!

This is what I did in my case, granted that I keep them around long enough for me to get my own thralls and I simply just built around them until it was time for them to go.
I built in a great area that looks like it had a huge base that was already gone when I got there, but there was around 50 Thralls, 20 or so pets, 3 dancers and 6 horses. So while I got strong enough and had enough Thralls of my own, I let them squad there. Once they got on the way of my buildings, I simply surrounded them with spikes and pulled a few npc that wander near me, causing them to die of spike damage. The smart ones that manage to survive this, I just added a spike on their standing spot while they where away killing the npc’s. Problem solved for me and the server in general.

Using the tools of evil in the service of justice. I think Nietzsche said something about this. Then again, the guy was bat-dung insane.

Place ground spikes around them and they will die

Worked before the tethering BS…

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Still works cause I did it, using regular NPC’s

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