Please Introduce Thrall Decay!

On my official pve server its almost impossible to build in some locations due to abandoned thralls. I built in the highlands and have been hoping to expand for months but the thralls that are abandoned are out of control.

Right now there is a sea of thralls just roaming the plains abandoned by long gone bases. I counted earlier and there is no less than 150 thralls just hanging out like some creepy children of the corn scenario.

Bump if your having the same issue!!! Hoping this gets addressed soon!

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If they’re not floating, drag a world boss near them and they will attack it and he’ll wipe them off.

For the flying ones, I read if you build beneath them they might fall down to the ground and you can do the aforementioned method to get rid of them (And maybe get some new sets for your own thralls).

No need to implement such thing for somehing easy to solve, they will end up just being killed by players or environment. Let the devs work on priority bugs.

Actually not true, I am on a pve server and regardless of how much you kite ontop of them they do not die. I have a sea of 100’s of thralls next to my base from old decayed structures. Its pve so you cant attack them, I have kited mammoths and larger critters on them and they dont agro or take apparent damage.

It legit looks like a horror movie there are that many just hanging out. This is why I wish every pve server was a conflict server, at least you could take them out then :smiley:

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You don’t kill it yourself… You pull it and let it hit them and they should fight back.

A normal monster won’t be enough if there’s really that many as you say. You need a world boss.

Still broken and shouldnt require me to kite a world boss half way across the map to get them off my lawn. I am in the highlands area and there isnt anything bigger than a mammoth to clean them up with which doesnt work. They are also broken and do not agro anything. I could run a whole pack of wolves on them and they just stand there.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying that something has to be done (Which they already said they’re working on it).

I was in a similar situation but mine where floating in the air. After placing some foundations, he finally came back to the ground where I could finally pull a thrall and circled around the npc until he died. I’m just giving you an option until they fix it.

Most appreciated, I am going to build a pen around them, kite a mammoth in and gate it in there and then just keep making it mad hoping it takes a few out. I just know wolves arent doing the trick and hostile thralls wont touch them unfortunately

You might have to pull out a shield and circle around them while blocking/evading so the mammoth charges them.

I’m on pve conflict and they did fight back but only the ones that where near the sleeping player that stopped playing.

I 100% agree. Make thralls require food occasionally, that way if a building decays on PVE server the thralls will eventually starve.
So irritating to see random hordes of people floating and just hanging out in random places. Bringing a legendary creature over to kill them is not possible in some places and its super irritating that it has to be done.