Floating thralls from decayed bases - question

The server I am on has a high population, and TONS of floating thralls. I would bets the number is in the hundreds and rising.

I thought there was recent talk from the devs about fixing this problem. Does anyone know what their plans are to address it. I have a feeling it is adding to the poor server performance because the server has to keep track of everyone’s junk.

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Hopefully they address this soon. It’d also be nice if they implemented some sort of thrall limit. Some idiot on the server I’m on has about 200 thralls outside his base directly in front of New Asagarth, which definitely causes a bunch of lag every time I go there… highly annoying.

If the amount of “Thrall Stranding” becomes critical, pull a boss mob over them, and retire those thralls to Valhalla. Free loot and fun, while cleaning up the neighborhood.

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excellent idea for the standing thralls, but what do you do about the floaters?

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Issues Status PC
Floating Thralls → We’ll nuke them out of the sky with a future patch

I think thats all we got about it officially.

I was dragging bosses around tonight trying to get rid of some abandoned thralls, I haven’t found any way to kill the levitating thralls yet.

what bosses? the tree like world bosses aint doing damage., the AI is all wonky… the north only has the tree like bosses. those are completely useless atm.

I did notice he wasn’t doing much damage to thralls but he killed 6 or 7 of them. I was gonna post this video for a bug report because of some missing subtitles, but anyway here it is.

HE IS doing No damage to player. and looks like not doing damage to thralls neither.


I have managed to get this guy from the circle of swords to smack quite a few floating archers from the sky and the one on the island entering the swamp.

It seems to work with archers because they will fire at him and he retaliates.

A guy on my server said you can build under the thralls until you are just under them. Delete the structure and they fall. I have not tested it. But if you guys are that bothered by them, maybe you could try that.

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He was doing damage to me while I kited him from the circle of swords, and like I said he killed some thralls, he did glitch out later at another location, he just froze in place and let me and some thralls beat him to death.

I’m on PS4 maybe he’s broken on other platforms, I dunno.

I was thinking about trying to build stairs up to the floating thralls so the monsters can get up there. I will try the build and removal technique on my next days off. Hope that works.

Well im certain they don’t have a count down yet, obviously. If you decay and relog back in after, you can still order them around.

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