Thralls floating in mid air, not disappearing

Wasn’t sure where to put this, but is this being worked on? The thralls staying around no matter what happens, unless ofc killed by a creature…

Should be a decay timer on them as well, so they disappear, or die, after a specific amount of time :slight_smile: not sure how to implement it of course, but my best suggestion/thought would be to use the decay system on them too

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Agreed, this is a bit silly to see hordes of Thralls either standing around or floating in mid-air.

I hope this is fixed soon, all official PvE and PvE-C servers are filling up with thralls left behind by players leaving the game. It’s awfully unsightly, the server I’m most active on has them everywhere. It’s seems ridiculous to me that it hasn’t been fixed already. Every new player that starts on a pve server see’s this crap and probably wonders what the hell is going on here.

We’ve noted it down and forwarded it to the dev team :slight_smile:


How cool, the lady herself answered! :smiley: never imagined it’d happen to me XD

Sounds good Tascha! Happy to know it ^^
Makes me feel alot more comfortable about the flying buggers

These floating and abandoned thralls are not all bad, if you kill them they often drop the loot the old player put on them. I have had some drop nothing when they clearly have player made equipment but regardless if on a new pvp server its an easy way to get some new gear that you cant craft yet.

Doesn’t help much when you play pve and they’re basically unkillable… which is the point of the post :stuck_out_tongue: besides that, I agree, good sources of gear

Just to get back on this: We will address the floating menace! Keep your eyes peeled for related patch notes soon :slight_smile:


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