Decay system bug with thralls

Game mode: Online official
Problem: Bug
Region: Americas 1504

This bug was reported back in EA, and still persists in release. With the new decay system, when a persons building decays it will leave behind the thralls. So now we are starting to see players thralls left on the map and their buildings gone. most are floating in the air.
And now thralls on PVE are immune to player damage, so we cannot remove them ourselves. Please fix this

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. build a building
  2. place thralls
  3. let said building decay
  4. thralls remain

Checked after server restart and thrall is still there floating in the air. Hopefully this bug is on your radar. would be nice if there was a known issues list so we could know which ones have been acknowledged or being worked on.

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Also stuff placed outside a base, wheel of pain, etc. Anything that was not place on foundation or something, just placed on ground, is not disappearing when the decay timer hits zero, Decay time will show 0:00 and stop and the stuff just stays there forever.

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A neighbors base decayed and left behind a pair of thralls, one on the ground that eventually was killed by a croc that spawns nearby and the other an archer that is floating in the air and shooting the croc. Maybe find a way to check the altitude of thralls when servers reset and if there is no building piece supporting them at that height, delete them or return them to ground level.
Signposts also remain when a base decays.