PVE Official Servers-floating thralls/abandoned thralls

Can we please get a way to kill the left behind thralls that aren’t decaying? Add them as a placed item so they are destroyable/vanish when we demolish bases. Also the ability to destroy our own thralls. Upgraded quite a few and still have several left over. Just causing more server lag and unbuildable areas. Should be something where if no building is present they disappear like a single foundation. Seen several people placing thralls in areas such as camps etc.


Yeah… I’ve encountered rando. Thralls where bases use to be and had decayed. I. Some cases, if the thrall is part of a work bench, you can steal the thrall. But if it is a fighter/archer/dancer, they last forever.

On the plus side, the random dancer by the sink hole means every one can clear corruption after teleporting there.

So devs? Any plans for this?
Maybe u can make destroyable thralls on pve-conflict servers? (as solution)

All those abandoned thralls are gonna stay there forever on pve servers ? seriously ? Thralls should stay in range of a structure so if there is no structure left near them, thralls should begin to decay in maybe three days.


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