Claimable thralls

All player housing that go poof, players thralls made claimable by others on the server instantly.

Free thralls for all.

If you had to club em out and break em on the wheel, I’d be down… but then you might as well go get the original spawn.

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Sure- but if its right next to your base , youve saved yourself resources and more importantly time.

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I wish they had never removed the feature to take other people’s Thralls. But I also wish we could still have Exile Captains and Bandit Leaders. I’ll always have a soft spot for Bandit Leaders…


I do find thralls hanging in the air for 2 weeks are a bit annoying.

It’s such a shame to loose thralls that might high level and the gear they have on them, but I do not think they should be “given” to other players. Maybe they could have a decay timer too? idk

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They kinda do, unless its been changed recently, after 15 days , they go ‘poof’ too…


Yes. I already know that. I know they go “poof”, that’s why I was proposing a decay timer so we could loot them by “destroying” them…

I think the better idea would be when they go into the ‘decayed’ state, and in the time before they poof. They turn wild and only last for the decayed duration, killed, or put on a wheel.

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I think better yet… turn them into a roving gang of purge-like raiders that go from player base to player base attacking everything until eventually they are all killed by other thralls, wildlife and players. Put an icon on the map so people can follow their progress and movement. If they are able and victorious they will take other people’s thralls and grow their numbers becoming a real threat.

Imagine seeing a 150 heavily armed escaped thralls facing you down as they come running over the hills and through the woods! Awesome!!!

Every sunset they stop wherever they are, become less viscous, and make camp (with bonfires) for the night. Until sunrise when they start up again. The more cunning players could follow behind them skinning and looting their kills as they ravaged the lands ahead.

If base to base doesn’t work for you then put them on a huge map-wide tract and pray you didn’t build in their path.

Make one of the strongest thralls their leader and if it is defeated they become passive and confused for a short time until they select a new leader - 10min later or something.

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Decayed thralls going wild and turning against you? That sounds fun! I might create my own server and play single player just for that.


I’ve always said there should be an option to claim an abandoned base before it goes to dust.

the thralls could go along with that, or argue the point.

I also like the running wild idea.


Although the running wild option can be abused. Just need two accounts to abuse that effectively.

One account lets their base go poof, then other account runs wild mobs into someones base. Devastating if those wild thralls have DOT weapons and epic armors.

There would need to be a sufficient element of chance.
Wild would mean uncontrolled they could leave nearby bases alone or attack or run across the map to attack someone random.

It would need to be truly random to keep it from being exploited.

But that wasn’t even my idea, my idea was to be able to claim abandoned bases before they disappear. eg 7 days pass, base is destructible OR claimable, 14 days if unclaimed base goes to dust on approach just like normal.


All of these ideas would be a lot better and more sane if the decay rate were a lot longer too… IMO. Say, about a month or so…

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