Thrall release and claim instead of Dismiss

I would really like a method of releasing thralls so a player leaving a clan can claim them. I feel the release option should be limited to the clan leader. I have had players who leave the clan on good terms, and I would like to be able to release thralls to them, buildings would be nice too but that can be solved by giving the leaving player resources.

Has anyone tested if a following thrall would leave the clan with the player?

Yeah there was some confusion regarding this on my group’s new server last night. Since we’re all still trying to hit level 60 again (can’t export save from Officials, ya know), we’ve been sharing items that help with journey steps. Well, it so happens I have a trebuchet so one of the players wanted to briefly leave their clan to join mine and fire it for the journey step before rejoining their original one.

Unfortunately, they had a follower with them who immediately stopped following, so hijinx ensued as they were determined to rush off to get the thrall following again but couldn’t because they had to wait on their clan leader to readd them. :smile_cat:


I like this idea. Maybe after release, the thrall is on a 30 minute timer to decay, allowing it to be recaptured by anyone else? This would remove the exploiters and trolls from releasing a bunch of level 20 killing machines that have no clan attached so you know who set them out by your base to troll you.

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I knew she would stop following and I’d have to wait to get back on the clan, it’s just that i wanted her to stop following me in a safer spot than in the middle of the UC hahaha, but you know, crashes… :wink:

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Upon releaseing a thrall turn them into a loot bag once picked up thrall must be placed but stats do not reset.

This is an amzing idea! I ran into this problem the other night on my personal server when someone left the clan on good terms but lost all their thralls and buildings…they were pretty salty.

I like the Idea of reclaiming thralls.

If the a player could release a thrall and another player could then claim that thrall within a set amount of time, it could help establish a trade system, or thrall exchange.

I also think the ability to Claim abandon buildings instead of destroying them would be nice.

I accidently dismissed a lvl 17 Dalinsia…
I support these changes! :joy:

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