Allow thrall pick-up

Let people pick up their thralls and store them. This allows them an easier time to pick and choose which thralls to keep deployed and which to archive.

Re-deployed thralls ought to be updated to their newer counterparts if possible. If not, then at least people can view them daily inside the vault and feel good about themselves instead of feeling Vathified.

Thralls can have a deployment CD for balance - Thralls are KO’d when deployed too quickly. (i.e. ARK Cryopod deployment CD)


Good idea, I came here looking to find out how we can pick the thralls that we want to keep so that the server doesn’t randomly delete my good ones since I’m over the cap.


Yeah I’ll add my support to this one too, with the following suggested addition/alteration:

Allow players to pick thralls back up AS LONG AS THOSE THRALLS ARE NOT ON THE LEVELING SYSTEM and only for the duration of the grace window (ie the timeframe between the new system going live and the cap becoming active). Probably allow this option permanently on/off on private servers, while officials have it “off” after the grace period expires.

That way, we’d get:

  • Players under the cap in an organic fashion
  • Old, rare thralls can be re-placed for inclusion in the Leveling system (no picking up and re-placing in order to re-roll stats - once you’re on the leveling system, there’s no picking them back up!)
  • A punishment more fitting the so-called crime* for those who thoroughly abused the no-cap system (they’d have to run around and pick up every one of their hundreds and hundreds of thralls).

*whether some players should have or could have limited themselves is beside the point at this stage, IMO.


This would be nice. Im really keen for a way to make the impending Thrall/Pet levelling sytem apply to existing ones too. The T4 Thralls I have now represent over 1.5 years worth of Singleplayer searching, I really dont want to have to scower the Exiled Lands for updated versions of each.

Even if Funcom gave us the ability to knock out and re-enslave our existing Thralls so they could be levelled also (heck even if only for a few weeks!), that would do nicely for me.


This would be a very nice incentive to all the most dedicated players that has supported FC from very long ago.
On the other end of the spectrum I hope that if this does not come to pass they can revisit named Armorer spawn rates for Cimmerians and Vanir. As a guy who often has to start anew on servers due to not being able to play official and private servers only last that long, it is in my experience a very grueling task to get those armorers. Or perhaps RNGesus just does not look kind upon old Necro…

Great suggestion!


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