Give existing players back the ability to box their thralls up before the new feeding system is implemented

I suggest devs look at turning the ability to pack up our thralls back on a week before implementing the new system so people can store their thralls.

They can redeploy them after implementation when they feel comfortable with it.

The mechanic to packing up our thralls was in game before we used to do it. Let us do it again in a time limited basis a week before and that should lessen peoples anxiety about managing and learning the new system when its implemented.

I am not in favor of this new implementation because I thinks its just to much micro management but if i can pack up my thralls prior I can at least tinker with it when implemented.


Yes. I agree.

I don’t mind losing all the dalinsia snowhunters and Cimmerian bersekers I have. Got plenty in storage now.
But I don’t want to lose senk the pillow dancer or the now unfindable mei the blade.


really hope someone saw this post and can influence the devs to allow us a weeks grace to pick up our thralls.


Private servers won’t have too much issue, as they can install the Pickup+ mod and have them picked up, but for official servers it hasn’t been a thing for some time. Hopefully that ability is still somewhere in the code and hasn’t been annexed.

Please,sounds like a good idea!! I don’t want to lose any myself!!

yeah I play official. - so this is probably the only way for it not to suck for us on official servers.

@Funcom, I don’t mean to be fear mongering, but this is a valid concern. It was bugged when it hit testlive, and I will try to replicate it again on Solo after the next patch, but not all fixes for Solo works on a big server.

Especially if you have a bunch of t4 fighters and archers around, or t4 crafters in benches.

I don’t want to have to pick up all of my thralls and all of their gear. But I will.

I just don’t want them to all starve when ever this Set-forsaken patch hits. :frowning:

I say either this idea or release the feeding pots early so at least people can get those setup and ready to feed them.

I use Pickup+ mod on my server and you can only move thralls and pets once placed, not pick up.

Great idea for those on private and modded servers. I play on officials, so this will not be a viable option for me. :frowning:

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My point was that the mod doesn’t do what this thread is asking for so the only answer is to re-enable the ability to pick up placed thralls.

Sorry, I was referencing what someone else had claimed it did earlier in the post. I didn’t have admin (b/c I didn’t want it) on the server I was in using it, so wasn’t aware of it’s full capability or lack thereof.

signed. i requested the same thing over a response i did to another topic…

its the least they can do!

Edit : So , no more fixes until the pet system is deployed? (look for my post)

well they will be runnning timers for food… so , when timer goes down , they die, same as decay…

being said that, them they SHOULD ALLOW us players to pick up the deployed thralls . so we can plan ahead… .and dont loose them to a faulty mechanic, that seems poorly implemented.

i would likke to know if WE ARE Getting fixes or not while the testlive is being busy with the disaster they just implemented

It won’t be done because it can’t be done. I bet they lost the functionality of storing combat thralls when they introduced the inventory system for them. They probably couldn’t figure out how to reclaim a thrall without losing its inventory so they took the lazy way out and removed the ability altogether.

They are doing the same thing with the feeding system. They can’t find a way to make it where you don’t have to feed thralls but you have to feed pets so now we will have to feed both.

Bought this game on PS4 on release. Quit because the game is broken. Come back every now and then to see if the state of the game improved, but from what I have reading it’s even worse. A shame really, the game had potential.

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I think I read something about this just before “late” access started.

I believe its also the reason we can take a map room from the frost temple to the desert but can’t move an oil press down the hall.

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Yep, apparently things having an inventory means they can’t be moved. Which sounds like a pretty rotten excuse to me (I don’t doubt the truthfulness of it, but it doesn’t seem like something that couldn’t be done).

Ah from what I remember when we first started playing dress up with our thralls in EA you could still right click em and send em to inventory. It was later that you got stuck not being able to move em.

Hoping someone can verify this. - it was a while ago.

With pickup + you can store thralls in your inventory or in a box.

But …

Every fighter/archer need to get naked and disarmed.

This means 5 armor-pieces from head to feet and the melee-weapon + bow and at least 1 arrow in case of an archer need to changed into the inventory of the player.

Alone with 5 heavy armor pieces for a melee-thrall I go very slow.

Me got lots of archers at the mainbase.

This is not an option, Funcom should consider …