New feeding system for thralls? optional: YES, as an obligation: NO

if you plan on implementing this system, please make it optional so we can choose to not use this sytem in the gameplay option (like a slider or the same thing as the decay system)

don’t get me wrong this system sounds good but in reality i guess it will just be a mess that will make you run back and forth from one base to an other one exactly the same way as the decay system is doing right now, fortunately, the decay sytem is kinda optional on SP and private servers…but still, it also means you HAVE to deal with it on official.
the decay system is the main reason why i wouldn’t create a character in official servers, and the feed system would probably be an other one.
as long as this system is optional, that’s fine for me, but please don’t make it an obligation for everyone

Moreover your thralls sytem is currently not in a very good shape, so inconsistent and so buggy sometimes that i don’t think implementing a new mechanic on top of everything will do anything good to the game.


for those who haven’t seen the last newletter from funcom yet :

I read it and am not pleased by the “feed your thralls/pets” feature even a bit.

I can understand the idea of “decay” for abandoned pets/thralls but feeding them to avoid death feels really boring. I very far would have preferred something like : back to savage state. With the npc going back to its original place and being de-spawned while “on its way”.

Handled like some other games it may not be bad. It could be a matter of making feeding stations or putting piles of food on them. Part of the game is survival and resource management, I just see feeding as an expansion on that and it does mean that having a large body of thralls does have some upkeep.

To be honest, I was surprised feeding thralls wasn’t in the game from Day 1.

Depending on their consumption rate, it would be pretty easy to feed them anyway.

We all have fishtraps and shellfish traps. We only care about the unappetizing variety for oil and ichor respectively. So just load up the thralls inventory with 50 stacks of the other fish.

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Another idea could be a new thrall, a scavenger or an archer thrall be used at said station who over time brings food in as the time and how much is dependent on the level therefore feeding thralls will be less of a major hassle.

Feeding the pet would be fun but feeding the thrall as well? this is a little extreme even for me,
like how is it work?

it not like fallout 4 though just farm something equal food to the settlers and I don’t think this (no offense) this game is stable enough for something this complex.

They should just make thralls decay the same way a base does. If a base enters the decayed state, the thralls should just disappear.

I was not happy to read about this in the newsletter at all. Someone in the subreddit made a good point–if they’re going to force this feeding system on us, they should at least make it to where we only have to worry about it once a week as opposed to every day, and possibly multiple times a day depending on how long you play. But in my honest opinion I don’t think it’s necessary at all. We already have to worry about our bases being attacked (on PVP) and our thralls being killed while we’re offline, we don’t need the added stress of wondering if they have enough to eat.


What about something else like they can only go without food for 7 days or even they only need to eat once a week?

That’s an interesting idea. I’m against the feeding of thralls, but you’ve made a good point about all fish that aren’t the unappetizing variety. Personally I just throw out those fish, but now they could have a purpose.

EDIT: Yes, everyone, I’m aware of the different ratios of oil to fish.

Couldn’t this be made simple to manage by creating feeders for pets and a “Mess” or “Larder” for feeding thralls? Then you only need to keep the locations stocked rather thsn running around to individuals.


And if we get “troughs” of some kind, bam, all the worthless fish just go in there. No more need to just toss all the useless fish on the ground.

Now, if they could figure out a use to all that useless leather.

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Saddles, tack and harness, howdahs and such?

Armor for war beasts?

For me this new mechanic on thralls has of course some pros as well as some cons (and maybe even more pros than cons) that’s the reason why i 'd like it to be optional.


  • abadonned thralls will despawn/ die over time which is very good for all the servers that are contaminated by the floating thralls sickness. (biggest pro imo)

  • feeding thralls means more immersion. And even more if their friends the pets have to be fed once they’ll be implemented. So in other words, it would make sense.

  • it will allow some players to find a use for all the exceeding meat/ fishs etc…

  • it will bring more management (depending on everyone’s perspective of course)

  • maybe it will allow thralls to be healed or to heal themselves directly (i have no idea yet)


  • will make the game feel more like a story of traveling back and forth, which can become boring and repetitve at some point (yes harvesting can be repetitive too, but at least after some grind you’ll have your ressources to spend into building pieces or whatever with a direct benefit, here it would be just in order to let your thralls live longer, something we are not used to yet)

  • as always, implementing a new mechanic in the game on top of so many “half working” mechanics (ESPECIALLY about thralls) will probably lead to nothing “enjoyable” for a while, but will see…
    That means possibility of even more bugs / issues on top of what there is already in the game.

  • more management, exactly the same point as the one mentioned in the pros (depending on each one’s perspective)

Personnally i don’t feel so concerned about the points mentionned in the “pros”, but feel really more concerned about what was mentionned in the “cons” . Again, each one of us has his own perspective and opinion, THAT’S WHY I SUGGEST THE FEEDING THRALL MECHANIC TO COME AS AN OPTION.
I really hope i’m wrong and everything will be really smartly implemented without too many issues and that i will enjoy this mechanic, but i won’t be lying, i’m very sceptical. Let’s hope…and let’s see !


It’s going to be a huge time-wasting grind, pain in the a$$, and people are going to lose their thralls to this idiotic change and quit for good.

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Why throw them out? Put them in the fluid press and make oil…

Everyone assumes this is going to be crippling.

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How will this work anyway.
Do we have to run to each thrall one by one and put food in their inventory?
Would be really annoying.
Also If you cant play for 3 days or more days, are all thralls dead because they starved?
I think people who arent in a clan are doomed with this “feature”.
If the devs implent this I hope they do it in a good reasonable way.

This is to add more daily grinding besides refreshing decay and an attempt to fix the decayed thralls.

It´s ARK all over, decay is now the secondary issue, feeding the primary.

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So we wont have to check each single thrall.