Thrall feeding decay clarification Funcom please respond

In the news letter you say the thralls will need to be fed and mentioned decay system.
You could of mentioned or said any other word like cleansing or starving meaning you were thinking of the decay when you posted.
So are the thralls, pets going to be linked to the decay system?
If we disable decay does that disable feeding?
If not then please can you make that a thing like maybe just a separate decay option for pets and thralls.
Local servers don’t have clans we can’t mass gather so we need thralls more than other servers for crafting mats and surviving purges.
forcing us to feed thralls on top of that is unnecessary micromanagement that is unwanted by half the community.
Please give us the option/ right to disable it through the admin panel.
Make it a feature but let us turn it off if it becomes to tedious.
Please clarify will we get the option.

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