Thrall and pet food

instead of ruining the realism of the game by removing degradation in the absence of food, was it not better to make the level of the hobs increase the coverage radius of cauldrons and feeders and decrease food consumption?

Are you referring to the system that required followers be fed to stay alive, that was removed like 2 years ago?

If so, one of the major factors to it’s removal was performance. Your suggestion would have probably just made that part worse. It’s been a long time, this system is coming back.


Too bad. not even putting it in the inventory? at least consumption remains in the event of a battle.

Thralls are going to die if not fed regularly now or do I misunderstood @Multigun thanks

That was a very old system, long since removed.

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OK I thought you were saying it was coming back. Glad to see you here.

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