Can we have a FINAL WORD about the thralls Hunger display

Can anyone from the dev team confirm that the decreasing hunger stat of our thralls is just a visual bug and that they Indeed Don’t need to be fed anymore.

Everyone is asking this question on the server i’m playin.

So please would you be kind to reassure us ?


Not sure if it got fixed, but last I heard your thralls will starve and die if the setting is still enabled. But perhaps someone can confirm for sure.

Is this setting enabled on offical servers then? as thralls here are loosing food every second in their inventory screen…considering what the last patch notes say i’m guessing it’s just a visual issue but we really would like to MAKE IT SURE and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

The big OOPS…my advice, keep feeding them

It is indeed just a visual bug. They won’t take damage when reaching 0. We’ll work on smoothing that out though so it’s not confusing :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the info tascha.

ah, sorry, 1 last precision please:

i assume it’s the same regarding pets, could you confirm please?


correct :slight_smile:


Bring back the hunger system or find another solution to clean the abandoned thralls and animals…They are literally everywhere on every official server. Hanging around in the air, standing at the best locations to build bases… Do you know how this looks like for new player who buy and join the game for the first time ? Like a landfill.

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