Pet/Thrall behavior and feeding

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

The on going bug from the anniversary update has kept users from feeding pets and thralls. Due to these bugs i have noticed behavior of pets and thralls that when attacking other creatures and thralls they refuse to attack. At times they also attempt to attack us as well. Is there any update on the status on future fixes we may be able to hope for? The server i am on is Official server #3756 PvE.

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The feeding is intentional, as stated in other recent posts. The hunger system was disabled back in March and substituted with a damage buff. We’re aware of the other issue too.
Thanks for your feedback.

I apologize for continuing this even though you replied with an answer, but i still of further worries for my base and my clan members safety in game. Can you confirm to me that our base and gameplay will not fall to a cause of thrall and pets rebellion or their ability to quit working for my fellow comrades and I even though they can not be fed? I’ve put full stacks of food on these thralls and pets and have had them disappear as if the inventory of these creatures are black holes. I’ve even tried with thrall pots and feeding boxes but with no avail. I’m sorry if i am being rude about the subject or annoying you and your coworkers but i wish to understand where i may be wrong or better help the game progress with my feedback and questions.

The thrall buff isnt working either theu jus waste the food you give them

We only see the preferred food buff on our thralls & pets … and we only see that when they are in combat and we can see their healthbar … it’s a small fist icon on their health bar.
We don’t see any buff from non-preferred food … we just have to take it on trust from what we’ve been told from Funcom & those who can look in the dev kit that it’s present and applied.

This is poor in my opinion.

Posting here to keep it in the same category.
The pet/thrall hunger being removed seems to only cause mass problems all over. You can no longer use a pet/thrall to gather anything edible because when you put the food on it, it immediately consumes 100% of it. accidentally transferring all items from your inventory to your pet results in all of the food in your inventory vanishing. my elephant ate 6 stacks of salt the other day that took a very long time for me to farm.

Having to feed your people added to the “simulation” experience of the survival game you have created. If players don’t want the hunger on pets/thralls there was already an option to turn it off. But force removing it small pieces at a time is only creating more work and more bugs for you to have to fix. A single patch to correct such a large intermingled main feature of a game would be far more cost efficient.

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