Thralls and pets bugged after 1.40 update

Game mode: Online - PvE
Problem: Bug - Thralls and Pets bugged after 1.40 update
Region: EU server 3004

Hello. After update 1.40 All of my Thralls and Pets inventory has been cleared of food items. Any food item given just dissapears from my inventory and never shows up in Thrall/ pet inventory. No hunger timer is being displayed on Thralls/pet character windows, neither in Thrall pots/feed boxes. Unable to attach screenshots through PS4 web browser.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Opened Thrall/pet inventory, opened Thrall pots/ feed boxes.
  2. Giving food items to Thralls/pets.
  3. Restarting game.
    4.Issue still persist

“Thralls do not need food since March’s big patch, in which the hunger system was disabled. Now they take all food in their inventory and convert it into a 1h damage buff.”

March’s update ? It was still working fine on the server up untill yesterday. Plus I’ve noticed after relogging just now that all the food placed in Thrall pots/ feeding boxes is shrinking extremely fast, and I’m talking about stacks of hundreds for less than 10 thralls and pets.
I’m just worried they all will leave because of that :[


Thrall abandonment setting is also gone.

Why does the thrall diet screen still remain, and the Thrall feeding range multiplier setting, if food is now a non-issue?

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The march update removed the NEED for food, but left all the other stuff tied to it.
This update removes some of the left over UI and interface stuff.
They will continue to remove unnecessary aspects of the old system, but piggy back them on patches for more efficient business model purposes.
The food disappears and creates a 1 Hour buff for them, like when you consume a potion.


So is thrall decay still a thing then? I play on single player and had thrall decay disabled, so if I quit playing for a while and come back my thralls don’t disappear on me. I understand the need for decay on official servers but for just me playing alone, I’d rather keep them forever without having to worry about coming back to an empty city. Now that the slider is gone it has me kinda concerned that thrall and pet decay is permanently set to 7 days or whatever the default was originally.

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So is there an answer? Are my thralls and pets going to disappear?

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Thanks for all the replies, that does clear it up. So a bit of a delay in getting updates on PS4 and removing elements of hunger system UI.
That actually breeds another question - decay timer on thralls and pets ? I’ve read it is apparently 7 days (168 hours) of not logging in, before thralls leaves your… employment :wink:
That being said, two weeks ago I was on a trip for over 8 days, so I have filled my thralls inventory with crap loads of honey (because it lasts for ever) and fed boxes with ridiculous amounts of plant fibre etc. I’m glad to report that all my thralls and pets were still there after I have logged back in 9 days later.

So the question is, is the decay timer for thralls and pets really 7 days or is it something else, like 14 days for example ?
I will appreciate any input, but it would also be nice to have some official answer as well.

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I’ve read it’s a new feature from March’s update but was just released to us today. Please feel free to delete this post.

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: LATAM

After today’s patch all thrall and pets show no hunger days and will eat everything from thrall pots.
If you place anything on their inventory it will just disappear.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just look at thralls inventories and try to feed them
  2. Check thrall pots
  3. Check pet’s feed boxes
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Same here. Official 3500. All types of food disappear from inventory so storing food on thralls is not an option at the moment. Same for both pet thralls and human thralls

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Hey there!
I’ve read it’s a new feature from March’s update but was just released to us today.
Waiting for help on this here:

Same here. I got on, no food in thrall pot, no food on any thrall, no food in my inven, and when I went to get fish and put it on my pet it disappeared…every time.So ya. What is up with this?

Need some kind of confirmation here from Funcom. This definitely seems like a bug, you would think there would be something in the patch notes. There were a few items about “Pets no longer logging hunger to the Event log” and “Pets should no longer have their starving animations and effects.” Nothing about Pets/Thralls no longer needing to be fed though.

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Just noticed this issue when my Clan mate went to store some hearts on a Carnivore. Carnivore inventories are now completely black holes (I had one holding gruel), but the Herbivore inventories are still accessible–which thanks for that, I tend to have tools on my Elephants for when I go harvesting.

If this is a purposeful new feature, I have to say I do not agree with it. Removing hunger is one thing. Making their inventory a void is completely another.

(Another bug I’ve noticed: While NPC name plates are normal and in English, their dead bodies revert to another language… I’ve only seen this glitch on occasion with having certain thralls follow/stop following and the popup using the other language. German, I think?)

This is on EU PvE server #3007

There was, in March. This isn’t a recent change, just further removal of UI that is no longer necessary.

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So does this mean that i cant farm exotic flesh with my thrall or plant fiber with my elephant because they will eat it?

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ATM they have a “black hole inventory” for food items, so yeah you have to be careful what you’re giving them to carry. Funny thing is that no matter if you give them 1 or 100, it just instantly vanishes and I don’t think they just convert 100 of steaks into 100 hours worth of damage buff.


There seems to be some miscommunication for some of the players mentioning the March update, the bug here is that All Food given to a thrall just disappears, instead of the thrall eating one piece of food and getting a damage buff for one hour they consume every piece given to them for no real reason.


Yesterday I had the ‘black hole of food’, today problem solved. No pets or Thralls at all. All 100+ gone overnight.

Roleing back my server, locking it and freezing time. Might work!! Now where did i put the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Last i remember, they have a 2 week decay after your last log in (or if in clan last clan log in.) All of them, so if you log in every 12 days, they reset all across the map. But would like that confirmed.