Disappearing Food with Thralls and Pets

Game mode: Single-player and co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Local
Region: Local

After today’s update (May 2, 2019), my friend and I are unable to see food items inside of pet and thrall inventories. All food that was already in their inventory is either gone or invisible. Any new food placed in their inventory can’t be removed and disappears once the inventory is closed.

Step-by-step process:

  1. If a pet already had food, simply open its inventory. The food will be missing.
  2. If not, add food then attempt to remove the food item (doesn’t seem to be limited to what they can eat). I was unable to remove the food.
  3. After adding food, if the inventory is reopened, the food will have disappeared.

Yeap this happening to me as well.

same here, came to talk about this, this update of today came to raid us all, LOL

Already mentioned here: Food dissapears from thrall inventory so cant give buff

Food is not required by thralls / pets and has not been so for some time its just the visual indicators were there still. This patch removed those indicators however it also means any food placed in inventory disappears.

The thralls / pets still get the buff if the right food is used the problem is now you cannot stack the food to keep the buff active.


Can only just refer you to the discussion we allready had here.


If they still get buffs, why is there no visual indicator? What exactly is the buff? Damage, health regen?

Why would you not be able to stack it for prolonged buffs.

Can’t really justify this as “intended behavior”.

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Nobody justifie it as intended behavior.
While fibres, berries, and all veggies stack well in herbivores, carnivores will not hold, or show the meat we give them.

Still it seemed calculated, if you look at my pictures, you see a sandreaper pet fighting beside me, and showing the boost over it’s head. Tested it lot, they get the buff.
Explain what it does exactly, that’s a other story, and we may have to digg in dev-kit for that.

Still boost is working like intended, but food should be shown for all pets, that’s sure.
But i doubt, that how some stated, the pets will die from hunger.

That’s the principal purpose and reason in my different posts and pictures at first, then to explain and show my observations.

Like i stated to, this has to been fixed, and i understand well that people may get confused by that.


Can you please show me the picture with the boost icon over the pet? I have no idea how that looks and how to find the picture. Thanks!

Hey there,

It’s not a bug. Food is consumed immediately and it will last for a prolonged period of time or until server restart.
Pets will not die of hunger, as that system was disabled back in March. Their hunger meter will drop to 0, but no damage will be applied.


here you go !

Oooh, thank you! I thought this just meant that the creature is engaged in combat / actively attacking someone! :smiley:

Do we know what exactly the buff does? Damage, damage resist, health regen?


Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Since Latest Update the Thralls don’t require food in fact all food that was in their inventories is gone. Not in itself a problem but when you give a thrall food for the buff it just disappears.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Give Thrall food
  2. Watch it disappear from its inventory (regardless of how much is in the stack)

Hey, if you look at your server settings, the whole possibilities are heavy reduced. guess something went wrong with the last patch.

Only food, everything else stays in inventory, kinda annoying

How many pieces and which type of food u used?what was the timmer on the thrall u fed? I sometimes give statving thralls food and they consume it to boost up feed timmer , so I feed em small quantities till timmer gets to seven days and then I put in them the food I want

Me and my friends got the same problem. Food disappears from the inventory of pets and thralls and it doesnt even showing the timer for how long they are fed.

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Maybe something implemented with update…

Same here. ROLL BACK!

They have been going to do this in a patch for a while…adjust it so thralls don’t need food and remove the visual indicators. For some time you have not had to feed thralls, but if you have not fed them for a while their hunger still went down (they would not have died though) and then when you fed them they ate the food to get back to full first. So to keep the buff you had to keep the thralls fed or be prepared to use more food.

Now the visual indicators for food have gone but so has the ability to feed them food for buffs as all food you give them just disappears.

Yes, i know, as soon you drop food, or better said else than fibres, bark, and other veggies in theyr inventory, it poofs.

But the buff will work after my experience. Give them just some good food before a fight, and you will see the fist above theyr head. At least, worked so on testlive, where the disaspearing food was reported and discussed.