Items disappearing from thrall inventory

Game mode: [Online | Official Server]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]

Since the last update my thralls and pets are a bottomless pit, including their feed box and thrall pot. I put anything in there and I mean anything, food or other item and it just disappears without even appearing in their inventory for a second. When it comes to the thrall pot and feed box it is visible for a short while, 5 minutes ons later its all gone. This includes consumables and not.
Also, when I lcikc on the feed box and thrall pot the timer for the food time left is gone. The thralls feeding from it are still visible but the timers are gone. I’ve tried picking up and replacing everything but it didn’t help.
I’m not sure if I’m the only one having this issue or if other people are experiencing it. Everything was fine before the update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have the same problem too!

We are waiting for an answer, thanks in advance.

They reworked the Thrall system as follows:

  1. thralls no longer need food to survive (pets as well)
  2. Removed the animations and sounds of hungry pets/thralls
  3. Event log will no longer show pets/thralls going hungry.
  4. They will only decay if no clan member logs in over a 2 week period (official servers). If one does log in, all pets and thralls refresh and restart timers, do not have to visit the area.
  5. Food is only used for buffs now. So if you feed them, they will eat everything at once and get a 1 hr buff. Preferred food give a higher buff than just any food.
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thank you

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