Bug - Starving Thralls food vanish from pot or no effect if placed directly in inventory

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: NA

Haven’t played in a while, popped on to all my Thralls starving (server settings has Thralls lose 50% health, everything else is default). Food placed in the Thrall Pot vanishes (be it a single piece of meat or a stack), with no changes to Thrall hunger or starvation timer. Food was found on one Thrall, but they were still starving and their timer was still 0.

Removed & replaced each mod one at a time, restarting the server each time. No change.

Removed all mods & restarted the server. No change.

Replaced all mods & restarted the server. No change.

Food would still vanish from pot, and sometimes it would wind up on Thralls (even taking as much as an entire stack), but they still did not eat it

I have another base on the same server where Thralls do have food in their inventory but it spoils, and timers are strange. A stack of 5 lobster or crab, but only 2 hours on the starvation timers. Tossing an entire stack of 50 meat into a Thrall’s inventory increases timer by a couple hours.

edit: Pets appear to be working as intended

edit 2: Repeated the process again this morning. It now maybe kinda works, but only if all mods are removed, having a single mod (no matter which) breaks it. Even still, with no mods placed food in the Thrall Pots vanishes, timers on Thralls increase, but no food shows in their inventory. Manually placing food in Thrall inventory causes food to vanish.

edit 3: Checked my single player game. Thralls & food appear to work fine with and without mods.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Thralls at 0 starvation time and 50% health, no mods
  2. Toss food in pot or inventory
  3. Food be gone
  4. Check Thralls and no food shows in inventory
  5. Adding any mod seems to prevent feeding from working all together

Which mods are you using? It is intermittent, but some of them will cause an issue where the Thralls will not eat. I do not have a list of mods that this happens with. I do know that with some of the mods where this happens, it does not happen with everyone.

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I don’t think there are particular mods doing this, but it’s more a server behavior-bug.

I tested different modlists, while same list is working fine on singleplayer, the same modlist make stop thralls and pets feeding on servers. But it may be random, again like with purge, some servers may experience it, while others don’t.
An other twilightzone-bug ! :expressionless:

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Sorry for the late reply. Holidays and all that!

Mods (with Steam Workshop Mod IDs) bring used:

CharEdit Lite (1366358141)
Compass Icon (1426203926)
Container Size x2 (1376145808)
Fixed Wells/Hives/Traps/Pots (1416651472)
Pickup+ (864199675)
WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain (897947497)

Interestingly enough, without mods I’ve also had stacks of food vanish as soon as it is placed in a Thrall’s inventory, and their hunger increase only by a tiny amount.

Sudden thought: Could this have something to do with feeding them cooked shellfish? I do have preferred food turned off in the options.

Possible it is the shell fish. I feed mine roasted haunch for the most part. I have a lot of thralls so i spend a good part of my time big game hunting.

I do know that soem of the mods will cause issues with the thralls eating. It is intermittent so there is not a list.

Well I feed mine cooked fish or cooked shellfish and it makes no difference to consumption compared to grilled steak. I suspect it is your server settings…

Server settings are default, with the exception of Thralls only losing a max of 50% health instead of 100%.

I’ll hit up the north and grab a bunch of meat. Doesn’t hurt to give it a shot!

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