Likely thrall bug and feeding

Game mode: [Online private ]
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: [Oceania]

When the combat thralls hit 0/100 on their food, their health falls to 50%. Having preferred food in the pot (in range) or in their inventory does not increase their health back to max.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Server admins have set the food/hunger settings to minimal (ie least food for longest life)

  2. Feed pot in place, favorite food in pot? yes. In thrall inventory? Yes.
    3.When the thralls food timer hits zero, their hit points drop to 50% but do not recover even with favorite food in the pot and in their inventory.

  3. As an aside, should food being held by thralls decay?

  4. In the thrall menu, is their a preferred food hierarchy (best to worst) or is all 3 listed items the same effect?

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Any mods being run on the server? (Sorry my go to response upon seeing private).
Reading your post again, I’m not clear on something from your post… is thrall feeding working at all? That if they have food in their inventory then they consume and have hunger at 100/100 and full health.

Is it that when a thrall has started to take damage from starving at 0/100 and then is fed so no longer starving and stops taking damage that you see they never regain full health?

Re: food decaying in thrall inventory - yes it should it has a timer in both feed pots and thrall inventory. I do not think there is a setting to completely remove the timer, just extend or shorten it as your admins have found.

I imagine while on privat server you may use some mods.

Modlist would be helpfull, because yes, there is an actual bug going on with mods, some mods, and like often not for all servers. Some will have the bug like it seems, others not.

I made lot tests around this issue, and with same modlist had different results also in singleplayer and on server. Maybe you can test your game and modlist in singleplayer and narrow down if there is a culprit. Make a trial.

Thanks for the comments and to expand on your thoughts…
Mods: Running only 2, the paragon level and Nifl’s mini-map.

Thrall example: thutmekri the dramatist.
Preferred food: Grilled steak, Roasted Haunch and Shredded Roast
Life: Bounces between 1291 and 1302
Hunger icon: 0/100
Has 3 Roasted Haunches in inventory, Food time left 40d 20h

In range of Thrall pot?: Yes
Thrall pot has Grilled steak (187 pieces), Roasted Haunch (165 pieces)
Food timer identified in the “feedning from this…” as 40d 20h

Other thralls identified as “feeding from this” have a 0 food time left though they have food in inventory and food in the pot.

Edit: I just noticed that when I remove putrid meat, the food time decreases (some time to 0 if I take all the food out of inventory). Adding putrid meat directly to the inventory increases the food timer.

Removing all food and putrid meat doest not seem to reset/increase the hunger value from 0 once adding new food.

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Ok, so here is a final update.

The thralls are still at 50% hp but now they are taking stacks from the feeder, up to 30 units of each type.

Do yourself a favor and disable the hunger. If you want thralls to die, just set a timer for when the owner last logged in. If they don’t log in after a week, 50%, two weeks 25% and beyond three weeks, just delete them.

I’m having similar issues on my private server. Thralls & pets were eating (unless a piece of food decayed in their inventory & they got too stupid to eat), but then yesterday, I noticed they had stopped. There was plenty of food in the feeders, and it was their preferred food (even though I have that requirement disabled). They each had 5 units of food in their inventories. We’re talking about 3 hyenas & 1 dancer, if it matters. I’m continuing to watch their “time 'til death” timer tick down, their hunger level is now in the yellow, and they refuse to eat. I restarted the server, but that didn’t do anything. I am running some mods, specifically Pippi, Emberlight, Pickup+, and Fashionist.

Additionally–and this may be unrelated–one of my hyenas reacted to a passing gazelle, chased it down & killed it, but now refuses to go back to his previously assigned spot. I tried manually moving him twice, and each time he stubbornly ran back to where the body of the gazelle had been.

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Yes, it’s a strange bug going on with the feeding-system. FC is aware of it as i know.

And yes, i’m also running Pippi mostly, it’s a mod i love especially to give life to my server.
But as i know, bit each mod can become the culprit, ever if you load a blank-mod. It’s the way the game handles mods and the feeding-system.

The funny thing is, that with same modlist, in singleplayer, i don’t have any problems. Thralls and pets eat like intented, But on my server, i had to turn off thrall and pet-feeding at the moment, or all thralls and pets would starve to dead with plenty of food in pots and inventory.

The Pippi-modders are also aware of the current problem, and most modders may be. Also not all again experience the issue, like so often with bugs. :expressionless:

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