Thralls dying from not eating

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The thralls and animals have food in their inventory, but not eating. They are dying off. Even if I empty the inventory and put it back on, it’s the same result. Same thing happens if I use the feed bins and thrall pots. The counters of the thralls say, depending how much we put on them 4, 5 ,6 days, but they still starve. We do have a few mods on the server, pippi, thrall placement, litman, and pickman +.

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I’ve had this problem for a while, too. Reported it a while back but no luck in troubleshooting.

Preferred meat, any meat, shellfish, fish, dried fish, doesn’t seem to matter. They’ll grab the food from the pot, sometimes one thrall will even grab an entire stack, but they won’t eat it. It just sits there in their inventory.

Seems like it impacts only some people on unofficial servers running mods, but there’s no specific mod that causes it.

Hopefully someone can find a fix for this soon.

There is an issue with some mods that will keep Thralls from eating. It’s not something that modders can control either, or fix. My suggestion for now is to simply disable the feature until the issue is resolved on Funcom’s end.


I believe Fashionist is one of the offenders, more’s the pity.

There is a mod created by AlrenStorm that allows players to feed their pets/thralls for servers that do find this to be an issue. We’ve used it and it works beautifully.

Eat Darn it! or Thrall_Pet_FeedWorkAround


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