Pets and thralls not eating with any mods installed on private server

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: USA

all thralls/pets stop eating when I install even one mod on my server

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

1.installed mods, pets and thralls stopped eating
2.deleted all mods, and updated server, started eating again
3.added one mod, stopped eating again
4.wiped mod, updated server, added a different mod, they stopped eating again.

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It’s known, and the fix will roll out with the next patch or two.


thank you for the swift reply, i was dreading this all night.

ive tried every trick in the book, even different load orders and painstakingly adding/wiping individual mods - to no avail. my private server currently runs 30 mods, so you can imagine my headache. I couldnt even get them to eat with a simple compass/clock mod turned on.

so this is a widespread issue with everyone then?

as i speak conan is updating :open_mouth:

Let us know if the problem is fixed - my friends server has the same problem … but with a twist … pets in particular draw food regularly from the feed trough but do not eat it.

They draw ANY type of food in there, including food not on their feed list (who knew that Shalebacks love putrid meat?) and will continue withdrawing food until their inventory is full or the feed trough is empty. Thralls do the same but at a slower rate.

Neither pets nor thralls consume the food they take from the feed trough and thrall pot.

Pretty much every mod is affected yes. Just have to hang in there until the next patch (or two), which doesn’t have a current ETA.


Yes, on my server i only use pippi and thralls are not eating nor getting food bonuses. I guess we have to wait a little longer. It’s an issue with the modding engine and the feeding code.

sorry to bump this thread, but I wanted to ask without making a new topic:

is there anyone fixing the eating issue with thralls via modding? I feel crippled trying to level because my pets take so long to heal, and as mentioned before there is no fix patch insight

Hey @godlessviking

As we stated a few times, yes.

oh my question wasnt if you are fixing it, i know you are trying, i meant is anyone fixing it with a mod, lol.

Really annoying to know that they already have a fix for that and they dont have lauched it yet.

One update or two can resume on 1-4 months waiting, waiting something that is already fixed internally, this is kind of mind-blowing.

Considering we are already waiting a month… well…

It really isn’t enough to have it fixed on your end. We need this fix rolled out to players so we can expand our joy with the game after we already explored what you gave us. Using or not mods might be the crucial ingredient for a healthy retention of players and most won’t wait a month or two. Just move to another game.

Sorry to be a pain in butt but do you have any ETA on when we might be getting this fix you have ready??

It really is a royal pain to try and level thralls for many who run your game on modded servers and sure many many of those players would love to know any eta on the fix you have being out??

It has been over a month since you last said this was fixed and would be out in a patch.


Still having this problem even after the [PC Patch (30.01.2020)]
That stated “Fixed an issue where mods would break the hunger system and prevent pets and thralls from eating”.

I started a home based dedicated server with couple of mods yesterday (atm more of curiosity than serious play).

I did not do any testing, but I did observe so far that horses and animal pets are eating and show appropriate % of buff per food distributed. I guess human NPCs will show their worth tomorrow, since I have Barnes in a wheel :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response you are correct the pets seem to be consuming provisions correctly (so beast master it is).

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Been online for a few hours and seems like its all good.

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