New Server - Moontide No Ping PVP

Moontide No Ping PVP

  1. Increased Harvest Rate (Changes according to moon cycle for e.g., during full moon harvest rate increases upto 6x)

  2. Modded Server

  3. No time restricted PVP or Purge

  4. And much more

All are welcome to try the server and we are open to any suggestions

How did you solve the thrall/pet not eating bug on modded servers?

wrong place for server advertisement

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Sorry, can you point me in the right direction ?


No its still there. I’ve tried it on singleplayer it works there, the thrall/pet does use the food that is kept in its inventory but its not working on my server. I’ve tried several times using different food assuming that it is some kind of an issue but no its not working.

and the feed bug is a known issue with the base game and needs a patch to fix

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