Thralls not eating and not leveling on gportal fresh server. What am I missing?

Game mode: [ Online private ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [EU]

Hi, i run a fresh server with Pippi, thralls are not eating and not leveling and on every server restart their level resets, am I missing something? I can’t remove pippi, I had a friend building npc merchants and quest over 2 days and we didn’t notice that thralls where bugged because pets and horses where working fine.
Am I missing some configs?

  1. get a fresh server on gportal
  2. get a thrall
  3. give gruel to thrall inventory
  4. send him into a fight and watch him not eat, not gaining exp, dieing pretty fast.

I just backed up the server on my computer and tested it there, everything works on my pc, so i ticketed gportal. Might be something on their side. I’ve had already several problems in the last 3 days, “Culture” setting resetting do DE, purge trigger setting resetting to 800 and vocal visibility resetting to 0.
I’ll keep posted and close this post when it’s fixed.

you are missing the search function for sure:

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Well, as we searched ON MY LIVE STREAM, the research didn’t return any results, but thank you anyway.
That means the “work” done on the server with pippi mod is to be trown in the garbage. Pity.

The weird thing is that when I load the backup in single player everything work fine. We’ll be waiting for the patch.

Hey @q9c9p

A fix for this issue has been completed internally and it’s scheduled to be released within the next patch.
No ETA yet.


Im OP of the other thread linked here.

Thralls not leveling was never an issue I found.

Was the follower on follow? They mirror your gained combat xp. If you set them to guard mode and they fight something, they wont gain any experience.


Yep, any modded server prevents their eating, but not their leveling. As Mad says, they have to be in follow mode to gain exp from your or their kills.

I have not seen any Forum threads yes that have issues with followers not leveling at all, so if that is happening to your followers, this may be entirely new. Pippi does not cause that issue, but I’m going to assume you have more mods than just Pippi? Start removing the other mods and see?

My mods list and none are causing my followers to have leveling issues:
880454836 Pippi
1273074761 75% more Women
1629644846 Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
1273419074 Swift Elevator
1437122734 Jungle Building Set
1928978003 Northern Timber
1579057391 Stygian Building Kit
1855055876 Arena Pier
1369743238 Less Building Placement Restrictions
884162441 LitMan Item Stack
1268176328 Stun bow
1673617274 COOP Boss HP
1553322363 All Weapons Glow
1657405542 AG mods Lethal Arrows
1316788362 NoBodyHair
1880611358 Animal Taming Cage
1488578417 Strays Clock
1383365330 NoxUIChanges
1797359985 Hosav’s UI Modification
1832183322 Half Stability Cost Roof Pieces
877108545 Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
1381070879 Stabilize Camera
1394768794 Immerse RP Building & Placable
1956978585 Reworked Dodge
1672911637 Fence Gates

We only have Pippi. That’s it. We have an hardcore pvp server with quests to get people started fast instead of 100x rates. We have a plethora of pippi npc with shops and custom quests, many many of them

So any mod causes the eating disorder. But can you confirm that your thralls are in follow mode and not gaining any experience while you are hunting?

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When in follow mode they gain experience, but as soon as they level up the xp level become 999 and they go back to level 1, like a loop.
I was already told above by funcom to be patient and wait for the patch, that might come nobody knows when.
Oh yeah, and also they don’t get any food bonus, you could use any food, it doesn’t matter, it won’t have any stat percentage bonus.

That fix is specifically for the eating issue on modded servers, not a leveling issue fix. Sounds like maybe the super fast leveling adjustment you have set might be too fast for the thrall leveling system to handle? What if you try setting it to normal speed to test if that is the problem?

Edit. 1am here, so I’m off to bed. I’ll back in the morning.

I don’t have any super level adjustment, where did you read that??? We have 2x, like officials, and npc with quests to give you weapons and materials instead of gathering.

@sirvink there is 1 fix, and 1 fix only, remove the mods and wait for funcom to release a patch.

End of story.

Sorry, I was tired and misread this as you having some accelerated leveling rates.

So the quests you have set up to “get them started fast” do they in some way provide a big boost of exp that comes faster than normal game play? I’m just trying to figure out why your use of Pippi might cause a thrall leveling problem, when others do not have a problem using Pippi.


No, no leveling, we have some npc with quests like “give me 50 bricks and I’ll give you 20 gold coins, with those gold coins you can go to the weapon npc merchant and buy medium armor, steel pickaxe and weapons to get back in the game”, make sense? Nothing to do with exp.

Others have problems using pippi, i went to several servers, they all have the same issue. Thralls not eating and not getting bonuses from foods. I was even banned from a streamer for pointing it out in his stream and his “paying to play” subs revolting because they didn’t notice before.

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Just for finality here. Any single mod being loaded on any server will prevent all followers from consuming any food - whether to heal, to receive the strength buff, or to receive the bonus percentage chance at obtaining specific stats upon level up.

I have not heard of any bug that keeps thralls from leveling up itself though.

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This NO ETA thing is beyond frustrating. Its been allegedly fixed internally for a while now. The issue was reported originally on like Dec 5th of 2019. Most dedicated private servers run some aspect of mods. This issue is affecting many people and yet it doesn’t seem to rank. I just don’t get it, the players on our server have stopped playing since there’s no point to leveling thralls only to have to do it all over again once fixed with the appropriate food buffs. It would help if we could AT LEAST have some sort of ETA for the “fix” rather than wait for a entire patch.

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I fear we’ll have to wait until next month, because is a modding engine issue, so is like a core aspect, and they won’t release minor patches, it’s understandable if they want to give us a big patch with lots of fixes and I don’t blame them but, but, BUT THAT SAID:

WE WHERE PROMISED MORE COMMUNICATION @Community and yet COMPLETE RADIO SILENCE other than “it’s fixed on our internal build that we(players) aren’t allowed to test before hand as a testlive build”

When there is anything to communicate other than what it’s been communicated, we will. At the time of this writing the ETA is still no more determinate than sometime this month. Until then we appreciate your patience.
We can hardly see how daily interaction with our community is also treated as radio silence.

We’ll proceed to close this thread as the issue has been relayed and worked on.
Apologies for the inconvenience.