Minions do not consume food on modded servers (multiplayer only)

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
*Server type PvP
Region: US

After tons of testing (literally everything one might think to try - different modlists, .ini settings, fresh wipe, etc) I’ve come to the realization that if you have any mod at all loaded on a private server, minions will not consume food. This, of course, means they cannot reap any of the benefits associated with eating (healing, strength buff, stat gain buff)


1.pick a mod and load it on a multiplayer server the proper food in your minion’s inventory
3.note that no food is consumed from their inventory and that there are no buffs applied in their stats panel


I can confirm this bug.

I have wipped my server today. With no mods, all is working as intended. As soon as I load a MOD (any mod) thralls/pets stop eating.

This issue seems to relate to the same problem we had when you first added the feeding system. We were seeing the same behavior.

This can be game breaking considering the leveling system and how you can influence the chance of attributes going up with food.


My experience is the same. At first I thought it might be one of my Thrall mods, but it doesn’t seem to matter what mod it is, any mod breaks this mechanic.


Hey there,

As is the case with mod, please contact each mod author and inform about this issue so they can work on it.


Hi @Ignasi,

It is not a specific mod issue but any mod issue.

If we have no mod, it works fine. If we add 1 mod (any 1 of them) it brakes the mecanics.

Even if we bring this to all the mod owner, I don’t think it will fix anything. Could you please let the team know and check if it could be related to the devkit or something else.

Thank you



I also checked the forum history and this feeding issue was reported back in october of last year, when the feeding system for thralls/pets was first introduced.

Here is the link to @Vattende post who reported it back then.


We’ve poked our team about this.
Thanks for the feedback.


Thank you.

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Thank you. To further clarify, if you load any single mod on a multiplayer server it seems to be causing the issue.

Thank you very much! Really appreciated.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Has anything changed on this situation. As it is ANY MOD will cause this to happen.

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Yes. @Ignasi we all know the team likely has more than a laundry list to contend with at the moment, but has there been any acknowledgement of the issue, or an in-house ability to reproduce it?

as a mod author I can confirm that this is not an issue with a specific mod. it’s more an issue with the modding system. it is a long lasting issue which already exists with the first feeding system. in the last few month it was not relevant because of the black hole inventory of thralls feeding for a minor damage buff was not worth the food.


I have this bug and, during the process of troubleshooting, I copied the game.db from my dedicated multiplayer server to my desktop, enabled the exact mod list as the server (same mods, same order) and (surprise!) discovered the bug does not occur in single-player mode with the same mods. The thralls do in fact consume food and gain the expected bonuses, unlike when running in multiplayer.

So, as stated by others, it’s definitely not something inherent to the individual mods but instead has to do with how they interact with multiplayer. Bummer.


I’m also a modder and I know that I make NOTHING wirh thralls or feedings, so it is NOT our bug, that feeding don’t work.
Like Testerle write: “it’s more an issue with the modding system”
I think he’s right.


Feeding Bug and 0 HP Bug.
These are the plagues of our time. With single or certain mods, as Funcom knows, they definitely have nothing to do.


It has been confirmed as an issue and our team is looking into it.
Some modders have come forward and shared some specific details about this particular problem which our team will use to speed up the release of a fix, but as of this moment there is no ETA we can share.
Apologies for the frustration.


I’m not mad. It happens. Thanks for taking note of the issue and alerting the team.

Thank your for the update @Ignasi!

I am really looking forward to feeding my wolf copious amounts of raw meat while we travel the Exiled Lands together!

an additional information for the team:

the 0hp issue (see Zero Hit Points?) is also somehow related to replication (multigun tracked the current issue down to modcontroller replication on/off as far as I know). maybe both problems have the same root cause? I can provide a small example mod with documention to showcase the 0hp issue if needed (or you can ask scooper if he still has the example mod :wink: )